10 Bizarre Things Only 5% People Can Do!

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The human body is capable of doing amazing stuff. But, there are many things that are almost impossible to do.

The human body is capable of doing amazing stuff. But, there are many things that are almost impossible to do. Only a few people can do these things. Check out if you are capable of doing these things or not!

Let’s Take A Look At 10 Bizarre Things Only 5% People Can Do.

1. Raising One Eyebrow.

Now, you might be thinking what’s so special about eyebrows? Well, believe it or not, but most people actually can’t raise one eyebrow without raising the other. So there are only a few people who can actually raise one eyebrow. Try this to know if you are one of those few people.

2. Writing Number ‘6’ While Moving Your Foot Clockwise.

In all honesty though, you should try it, go ahead and lift up your right foot and spin it in a clockwise motion and try to draw the number six. Now, the weird thing about this is that when you draw the number six, it’s actually moving in a counterclockwise motion. So, of course, sub-consciously your foot is going to fall.

3. Licking Your Own Elbow.

Sadly in regards to this one, it’s not really much that most people can do. You either have to have a really short forearm elbow distance or just have an extremely long tongue. But the quick interesting fact is that on at least a daily basis, Guinness Book of World Records gets a call from five people a day and they try to prove themselves with this record and usually it doesn’t end up well.

4. Flexibility.

Flexibility is basically the art of having extremely freed up the body. Now, when I say extremely flexible, I’m talking about putting your foot over your head, being able to curl in the ball, touching your toes easily and things like that. For example, now in a lot of circumstances, at least one out of ten people are extremely flexible. Can you do it?

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5. Fist In Mouth.

I’m not going to try that! The majority of the population can barely fit half of their fist in their mouth. Believe it or not, scientists have actually done research on this. How could someone imagine doing research on topics like that?

6. Orgasm On Demand.

This trick comes naturally in about five to ten percent of the population. Now I say naturally because it can come with practice. If you’re wanting to master this art form, all it takes is some concentration focus and of course, time.

7. Being Double-Jointed.

This is another one of those things that of course, you’re blessed with birth naturally. You know one person over another being over flexed and have loosen ligaments and bend body parts further than the other pretty cool. Isn’t it amazing?

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8. Sneezing While Eyes Opened.

Don’t worry your eyes are going to pop out of their head if you sneeze with them open. But interestingly enough, the reason that we actually close our eyes when we sneeze is due to an involuntary reflex singled by our brain. A guy held his eyes open for both sneezes and there was no bulging or eye-popping inside.

9. Tongue Tricks.

Can you split your tongue make a weird flower shape, make it look like teeth. Can you do all these weird tricks with your tongue? I can do a few things but not really. But, don’t worry though because all this comes with practice.

10. Self Fellatio.

Self-fellatio or in other words basically back to pleasuring your own self with your tongue or mouth. A lot of men or women have thought about this at some point in time. Recent studies show that a thousand men are actually able to do this.

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