10 Canceled Twists That Would’ve Hurt The Vampire Diaries

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Many changes take place during the running of a show and so many unexpected twists and turns were planned during the many seasons of The Vampire Diaries. But those twists never made it to the screen and were canceled and you should thank the makers for that otherwise it could’ve hurt the show.

So let’s know about those canceled twists that would’ve hurt The Vampire Diaries!

10. The Controversial Ending

10 Canceled Twists That Would've Hurt The Vampire Diaries

At the end of eight season, we saw Stefan die in hellfire and that moment broke us all. But initially, it was planned that both the Salvatore brothers will die by the end of the show. Thank God that it didn’t happen.

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9. Elena marrying Matt

Julie Plec planned this awful relationship by the end of season eight but she canceled this twist as fans may not like Elena ending up with Matt as their love is long buried.

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