10 Celebrities Who Created Guinness World Records!

Hey readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Today, we are back with a great article. This article is about world records. It is not easy to create or break existing world records. But, we have some celebrities who created their own Guinness world records. even, not to deny, some had broke the existing records and set some new benchmarks for Guinness records.

So, Let us know about these 10 celebrities who created Guinness world records:

1. One direction

One direction was among the top bands in the whole wide world. Under the guidance of Simon Cowell, they had robbed millions of hearts. They had a huge fan following. They sold millions of copies of their albums within months of release. Currently, they hold the Guinness world record, for being the first solo act to debut at number one with their first 3 albums. Every song that they wrote-sold out. Shout out for one direction, I mean who does not love one direction.

2. Beyonce

Beyonce started of as a part of group called Destiny’s child. When years later, she decided to go on her own, she earned more value. They gave hit on hits alone. She sold millions of albums, she even sold out every show she played. After breaking up with the team, she gained more popularity among people. She even showed that she is also a great actor, after playing in hit thriller obsessed. Beyonce holds a Guinness record. She set this record in 2016, when she released her second album. It sold 828,773 copies world wide in its first three days of release on iTunes. This is the fastest selling album of all time. She is a super mom too, to her and Jay-Z’s two children.

3. Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes is loved all over the world. He is not only a great singer but also a social activists for childhood hunger. Hunter holds the Guinness world record for playing most shows in 24 hours. He played 10 shows in 24 hours. He had beat the former record holder Flaming Lips who had the record of 8 shows in 24 hours. Conagra foods is with Hunter Hayes for his social initiative.

4. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence along with so beautiful, she also is a highest growing actress. She gained popularity only after her first movies. She have had so many awards along with Oscar, Golder Globe and BAFTA. Jennifer holds a Guinness record for being highest grossing action movie heroine when the first two hunger game movies grossed over 1.5 billion dollars. Also, The Hunger Games holds a record for being the highest grossing post apocalypse movie.

5. Justin Bieber

It won’t be wrong to call him a million-man. He had millions of fan all around in the world. Justin had sold millions of songs and made millions of dollars. He became most popular mega star after his first song. Every concert he has played in sold out. He holds the Guinness record of being the first solo artists to have 3 number one albums in US and UK under the age of 18.

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6. Katy Perry

Every popular celebrity have so many followers around the globe. Everyone tries to keep up with their fans. Though, everyone else may also have millions of followers on twitter, no one could match with the fan following of Katy Perry. Currently, she holds the Guinness record for having the most twitter followers in the world. The number is nearly, 100 million. Before, Katy Perry Justin Bieber and Lady gaga had the most fan following on twitter. But, now, Katy Perry is in the lead.

7. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus started off her career from Disney channel’s show Hannah Montana. she then decided to break her good girl image. She went head over heels with the song wrecking balls. Currently she holds a record for being the most searched pop star on Internet. Reason could be anything, her scandalous performance on MTV awards or her song wrecking balls.

8. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift holds a Guinness world record of most millions selling weeks in USA album charts. She has a huge fan following all over world. Every album of her is million grossing album. She is considered as the golden girl too. As, every celebity have a controversial life, she had too. Still her career is flowing towards the high. We wish her all the luck.

9. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Johnson started off with wrestling but soon he started to get popular for his acting too. Every picture he made was better than the las one. Although, it is new that he holds a Guinness record neither in acting nor in wrestling. He holds this record in making the largest dip. This dip weighed 540 pound. He made this along with his production. This is unique, from what others create records off.

10. Shakira

Shakira is gorgeous and probably the first ever person to hold this record. She had the world record of reaching the 100 million likes on Facebook. Shakira is also known as Facebook queen. She also have a great fan following. And god forbid, what on the earth she can’t do. Go Shakira!

10 Celebrities Who Create Guinness World Records!

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