10 Celebrity Death Hoaxes & Rumors That Fooled The Fans

Hello Readers, Welcome to Humor Nation. Being a celebrity is never easy. Imagine waking up and coming across your own death news. It’s been numerous times that such hoax ruled the internet for no cause.

Below mentioned are 10 names who had been the victim of such death hoax quite a few times! Scroll down to lay your eyes on such celebs.

10. Queen Elizabeth II

It would be a great media disaster in all nations if the queen of England dies. Yet, many times such hashtags had hit the twitter trends claiming her dead.

9. Cher

The legendary singer Cher too faced a similar controversy. It was again the Twitter platform that her death news got much footage. Even Kim Kardashian tweeted a RIP hashtag.

death hoax

8. Jon Bon Jovi

It was a fine day at the shoot when Jovi came across his death hoax. Though he took all calls and posted pictures to make sure the fans knew everything was okay!

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7. Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin faced the death hoax prank to its extremity. It was youtube this time. A video showed a horrific car accident and it claimed the death of Mr. Martin. But, sooner the footage was scrutinized and was declared fake.

6. Justin Bieber

This youngest achiever is the most frequent victim of the hoax. It’s been countless times that the social media reported his death and his family released reps ensuring his safety.

10 Celebrity Death Hoaxes & Rumors That Fooled The Fans

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