10 Countries That Will Help India Against Pakistan

Welcome to Humor Nation. India will not bear tolerate any more, we as a country respect Gandhi and Bhagat Singh both so answers will be given for every strike. Pakistan has been testing India’s patience for too long. It’s time India replies back with a strong response.

Today we will discuss about top 10 countries who will support India if a war between India and Pakistan break out.

10. IRAN

10 Countries That Will Help India Against Pakistan

World knows about friendship between Iran and India. Both the nations came together in 1985 against Britain in north Barma. India is importing oil from Iran even if make US angry. India is developing Chabahar Port to connect India to central Asia via Iran, it is natural if Iran helps India in any war.


Our relations with Philippines have improve in last decades and there is a rivalry between Philippines and China . So it is clear that they will help us when China helps Pakistan.

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Frankly we don’t have good relations with Britain since 1947 but things are changing. PM Modi visited UK in 2015 and Theresa May visited India in Nov 2016 . We all know english man don’t support losing side so go India.


We always had good relations with France and recently we also signed more than a dozen business deals with France.


Vietnam army is one of the strongest in the world and we have signed a 500 million$ deal for deeper defense cooperation with them. We have good friendship with Vietnam and it is obvious that they will help us.

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