10 Couples That Prove Love To Be True!

Hello folks! Welcome back to Humor Nation. As we know the Valentine’s week is on going. So, today we have decided to bring something on love. We are talking about 10 such beautifully and happily married couples, who made love see real and true. These people broke all limits and set up a new level to the emotion. You will get to know more when you will read this.

So, Let take a glance at 10 couples that prove love to be true:

1. Paulo Gabriel Da Silva Barros and Katyucia Hoshino

This couple even had a world record. These two live in Brazil. Paulo and Katyucia met online and fell in love. They were in a long distance relationship for 4 years, before getting married. The world record they have is- world’s shortest couple. They both compliment each other. Paulo and Katyucia together have a height of 70.1 inches. They now are living a healthy and lovely life. Kudos! to that.

2. Buck and Michelle Miller

Buck and Michelle consider themselves to be the best looking couple. In fact, they spend nearly 80 thousand dollar every year on their body. They both are personal trainers and body builders. They spend a lot of time inside gym and they both are together. Both of them are keen to keep their physique maintained and they both do it together. They keep pictures of themselves all around house so as to keep a look on their body.

3. Annalisa and David Hackleman

Due to a medical condition called PCOS, Annallisa was helpless due to this and she began to have facial hairs. According to her, she lost all her hopes of finding  love and acceptability. Then, she met David, he accepted her as she was. He even encouraged her to stop shaving and be herself. This couple is really tough and lovely, isn’t it?

4. Kitten And Richard Von Mew

Kitten and Richard have this weird love for 1940’s era. They both adopted a lifestyle of 1940 and are living it joyously and merrily. For them, it is now a part of their existence. They have a daughter named Betsy and she also wears clothes of 1940. We wish all luck for both of them.


5. David and Veronica Matlock

They both have a sci-fi fiction like story. Dr. David fell in love with Veronica when she arrived at his hospital for routine check up. He promised Veronica to sculpt her into perfect woman. And, to no surprise he scripted her soul into a new body. Veronica is a live example of her exemplary work and they both are an exemplary couple.

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6. Karl Greenwood and Zana Cousins Greenwood

This is another couple with a different interest and hobbies. They both are fond of horseback archery. Both of them have become famous for this great endeavour too. They both spend their time together mastering this skill. They run a Stampede stunt company.

7. Kyle Jones and Marjorie Mccole

This is a very unusual couple. Till today, we have heard of age gapes. But to this couple the gap between their ages is 60 years. Marjorie is as old as to be his grandmother. But Kyle accepts this relationship publically. The couple is very open about it too. Kyle also prefers a woman older than him. It is not wrong to say that Kyle and Marjorie are a great examples of two sayings; age is just a number and everything is fair in love and war.

8. Keisha and Wilco Van Kleef Bolton

We have already been introduced to the world’s shortest couple. It’s time to look out the world’s tallest couple. Keisha and Wilco have a combined height of 13 feet and 5 inches. They have 5 kids serving as a love bridge between them. They are the tallest family.

9. Siouxsie Gillett and Simon Paul Keys 

Couples often have pets together. But, if we talk about Siouxsie and Simon their love of reptiles sets them apart from other couples. They have 80 different species of reptiles including snakes and lizards.

10. Lizzie Elsburg and Chris Glasgow

Lizzie and Chris met in an eating disorder clinic. Lizzie is suffering from anorexia and Chris from eating much. Love know no bounds, the couple fall in love. They even get engaged. Lizzie is concerned about Chris’ health and thinks he needs to lose weight. And yes, they are still together.

10 Couples That Prove Love To Be True!

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