10 Craziest Laws That You Can Only Find In Singapore!

Hey readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Singapore is a country, where the world’s most healthiest and happiest people are found. Beside this the most amazing thing is, it is one of the most cleanest country in the world. Today, we are going to look out for some laws that will make your mind mumble.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Craziest Laws You Can Only Find In Singapore!

1. No Singing

Singapore government does not allow anyone to sing obscene songs in public. For as much we know obscene means seductive, but in Singapore any loud music, thumpy music is denied. Most of the teen music is banned there.  Even Katy Perry is banned there.

2. Feeding Pigeons

Feeding pigeons is banned in Singapore. It is because of the health issues. The pigeons waste is the harbinger of diseases. Government does not allow people to feed pigeons there. A $500 fine is imposed on the one who feeds a pigeon.

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3. Using WIFI

In Singapore, it is not allowed to connect to any other person’s Wi-Fi. This is considered as hacking. Also, penalty for this illegal act is jail. A 17-year-old boy was the first victim of his law. He was sentenced for 18 months jail. Also, he was asked to do community services for 6 months.

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