10 Crimes That Were Solved Through Internet And Social Media

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Social media has evolved a lot in front of us, many times the internet has helped to solve many crime cases around the world. Social media has helped many people to get justice through its campaigns too. Believe it or not but the internet has helped in various cases.

So today we’re going to know about some crimes that were solved by social media

1. The Murderer of Lottery Winner tracked down

Abraham Shakespeare was a day laborer who had won $32 million dollars in the state lottery, but unfortunately, he was murdered by Dee Dee Moore, his financial advisor. She wasn’t proved guilty until she started commenting on Websleuths website under a fake identity. Then Websleuths made a note of the IP addresses and Moore was caught.

2. Twitter solves a Hate Crime

When a group of people had beaten up two men because they were gay couple in the year 2014, facebook and twitter users went insane to track down the culprits and in the end, they had successfully tracked the assaulters down through the ‘check-in’ feature which helped them to see who was there at that time.

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3. The case of Grateful Doe

Once in 1995, a young boy named Jason Callahan was found crashed in his car in Virginia, his face was unidentified as it was difficult for police to recognize his crushed face. Police only found a ticket of a Grateful Dead concert with him. After some years his computer-generated photo which was made with the help of his skull went viral on the internet and he was then identified by his family members.

4. Confession Bear

Once a user named Narrato posted a confession bear meme saying that he killed his sister’s boyfriend because he was a drug addict and he killed him with his own drugs. Redditors quickly tracked down this user and it turned out that Narrato was a 24-year-old man who used to smoke weed and it was a false confession. But through this case, we can understand that Reddit can track down such crimes with ease.

5. Twitter helps to find a stolen laptop

Once a Canadian consultant named Sean Power had his laptop stolen on a trip to New York, but with the help of free tracking app the location of the laptop was found and the camera showed who was using it. Then power hopped on the twitter to send his followers to the bar in New York where his laptop was getting used and helped caught the thief. Quite tricky?

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