10 Cursed Games That You Should Never Play

Hello And Welcome Back To Humor Nation. Games have been a major part of our lives since childhood. I bet there isn’t a 90’s kid who never played Super Mario. Be it indoor or outdoor games were the best source of entertainment also a good way to stay fit.

But do we know even the games can be cursed? Yes! you read that right. There are some cursed games on the social media that you should never play.

Scroll down and check the list of the cursed games, but dare not to try them. Why invite trouble to yourself!

10. Charlie Charlie

This game is balancing pencil one on other on a paper. Yes and no are written on the paper. When the player says Charlie Charlie are you here, the pencil moves. This shows the presence of a demon.

10 Cursed Games That You Should Never Play

9. Sad Satan

It’s a video game. The player walks down a dark alley. Some blank screen appears in the middle and background says kill kill kill. The graphics are horrible and so is the game.

8. The Three Kings

The game is about keeping 3 chairs in the dark with mirrors on it. Wake up at 3.33 and sit on any one of them. Also, keep a candle with you. You may have a conversation with a king queen or a fool.

7. Midnight Man

This came calls a ghost. Take a paper write your name on it and also lit a candle. Get blood stain on the paper and tap a wooden door 22 times. Sooner the door will close and candle blows off. The midnight man has arrived. He’ll light the candle again and your job is to hide yourself

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6. Polybius

The game was an arcade game. It has illusional views and sounds that hypnotizes people. The player either gets sick or finds a black man scaring him every time.

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