10 Dark Truths About Hollywood

Hey Readers! Welcome to Humor NationThe Hollywood industry holds a good global domination. No matter how famous a star is in Bollywood, Hollywood fame is always their desire.

But the glamour industry hides much inside out. There are many secrets that the stars over there don’t wish to share. But what’s hidden from all, isn’t hidden from us.

So, here we are. Unveiling the list of 10 such dark truths about the Hollywood industry kept hidden for so long!

10. Paparazzi-For-Hire

Are you obsessed with the candids of the stars? well, they aren’t candid actually. They have hired professionals who make it a stage shot. Just good ‘fake candids’.

10 Dark And Disgusting Truths About Hollywood

9. Illegal Substances 

This is a shock. The Hollywood stars are allowed to bring illegal substances on the set. Yes, this thing also promotes the drug addiction that some actors have.

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8. Publicity Stunts

Remember those leaked pictures and controversies from the set? They are all publicity stunts. This way they gather public attention to their upcoming project.

7. Eating Disorders

It isn’t easy at all to look that sleek onscreen. The stars skip their meal many times for the purpose. This has caused eating disorders amongst them.

6. The Casting Couch

Actors are bounded to provide sexual favors in return to the roles assigned. Yes, there are times when an actor gets a huge project not on the basis of talent but a dark truth behind.

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