10 Countries With Different New Year Dates

5. Hindu New Year

The Hindu population worldwide celebrates their beginning on different dates according to their star calculation. They call the occasion “Vikram Sawant”.

4. Vietnam

Vietnamese people celebrate the new year based on the lunar motion which is based on the lunisolar calendar. So the new year falls on 5 February.

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3. Bangladesh

The Bengali residents there and also some in India celebrate their occasion on 14th April. This to them is known as Pahela Baisakh.

2. Nepal

Nepal celebrates their New Day between April 12-15. They call this “Baisakhi”. They celebrate it on first of Baisakh. It’s the cultural eve in the nation.

1. Japan

Japanese celebrate their new year on January 1 and the celebrates lasts up to 4 January. They know it as Shogatsu. It is celebrated traditionally eating the traditional dishes

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