10 Duplicates of Famous Historical Sites Around The World

5. The Leaning Tower of Niles – Niles, Illinois

The project idea for this one was to create a park with all major ambiance. Later, it changed to be a replica of the leaning tower of Pisa. Its half the size of the original monument, but is made with good matchings with the original.

4. Statue Of Liberty – Japan

Not once, but Japan created the monument thrice. And the architecture is so realistic that you can’t differentiate them with the original building.

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3. Falconcity Of wonders – Dubai

This place has a replica collection of the seven wonders. They have recreated the sites with new amenities and better ambiance.

2. Fred Flintstone’s House

This is covered at a 6acre area. This is a theme park with stay facilities. The area is feasible enough to create a mall or a casino.

1. Titanic Replica

This is still in making. It will be the replica of the iconic ship that drowned on luxury. The project has managed a fat fund for preparation and will soon show up as the best architecture of all times.

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