10 Evil Cursed Items That Actually Exist And Can Harm You!

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. People think that only humans can be cursed or possessed, but it’s not so. Even items can be cursed or possessed, there are many real-life cases explaining these things. Let’s know more about it.

So let’s checkout top 10 cursed items in the world you may not know

1. Robert the doll

Top 10 Cursed Items In The World

This doll is possessed by demons and is named after its owner, Robert Eugene Otto. This doll was gifted by a Bahaman to a patron who later got sacrificed in a Voodoo ritual.

2. The eye of Brahma

It is believed that this black diamond was cursed as it was stolen from a Hindu temple and many female owners of this black diamond had committed suicide. This diamond brings bad fate with it and Charles F Winson had split this diamond into three pieces after knowing about it.

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3. The Myrtles Manor And Mirror

The Myrtles Plantation is said to be a haunted place and this mirror adds to it as it is believed that this mirror contains the spirit of Sara Woodruff and her children who died due to poisoning.

4. Anne Baker’s Dress

Anne Baker was shot dead by her own father and her wedding dress never got a chance to be used. It is said that she was angry with that fact that her wedding dress remained unused and maybe that’s why her dress moves on her own during full moon night.

5. The Anguished Man

The painter of this creepy painting used his own blood to paint this and then killed himself. The owner of this painting once claimed that they see a shadow figure of someone in their house and also experience strange acts.

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