10 Famous Bollywood Movies That Were Copied From South Indian Cinema

One thing that everyone should appreciate is that majority of the super hit Bollywood masala movies actually originate from Tamil, Telgu, Kannada, and Malayalam cinema. There have movies that have been adapted by the Bollywood film makers and creators which have done exceedingly well. Today we are going to discuss the best of the best Bollywood movies that are actually a copy of the South Indian Cinema.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Famous Bollywood Movies That Were Copied From South Indian Cinema!

1. KICK (2014)

This smashing and super hit starring Salman and Jacqueline in the lead roles, the movie which was released in 2014 broke many box office records. The movie had everything that a masala film needed. From action pack sequences, great music, amazing performances, and a very entertaining antagonist. This successful movie was a remake of the 2009 Telgu hit of the same name starring Ravi Teja. The Telgu film did commercially well, but in no way reached the numbers that Salman starrer “Kick” did.

2. SINGHAM (2011)

Next movie is Singhmam. Directed by Rohit Shetty, the film stars Ajay Devgan who plays the role of Bajirao Singham, fighting against the corrupt practices and crime in Goa is directly adapted from 2010 Tamil film “Singham” starring Surya and Anushka Shetty. Both movies, the Bollywood and Tamil version had become a raging franchise, with multiple movies added to the character and the premise.


It’s surprising to know that the movie people still talk today was not a commercial success when it was released. RHTDM is still in everyone’s hearts for its depiction of earnest and real love story, and some praiseworthy performances. The movie was a remake of  2001 Tamil film “Minnale” which also starred Madhavan. The original starring R. Madhavan and Reemma Sen had a lot commercial success and was much talked about because of its memorable music and amazing acting performances.

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4. GHAJINI (2008)

Even though we all know that the premise of the film is taken from the international film “Memento“, but the storyline and depiction of the characters and antagonist is taken from the 2005 Tamil movie of the same name. Ghajini starring Aamir Khan focuses on his struggle to find his loved one murderer and avenge the gruesome death. The movie was one of the biggest hits and the Tamil film starring Surya also impressed the audiences and the critics.


The memorable comedy and horror film that impressed us with its eccentric plot and horrifying performances especially by Vidya Balan is also a remake of a very well known 1993 Malayalam film “Manichitrathazhu”. The movie had such a lasting impact in the South Indian Cinema industry and on the audiences that it has been adapted into many languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada.

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6. NAYAK (2001)

The political thriller starring Anil Kapoor and the late Amrish Puri was legendary due to many reasons. Including impressive acting and memorable dialogues. The movie is a remake of 1999 Tamil film “Mudhalvan” starring Arjun and Manisha Koirala in the lead roles. The exact premise, direction and path taken by both the creators, both the movies surely are a treat to watch.

7. SAATHIYA (2002)

Saathiya is a 2002 film which starred Vivek Oberoi and Rani Mukerji in the lead roles. A young couple that is met with some unforseen circumstances was a memorable and impressive film. The movie was a remake of the 2000 Mani Ratnam directed “Alaipayuthey”. The original film to this very day is regarded as superior and one of the most heartbreaking films.

8. DRISHYAM (2015)

One of the most underrated movies and performances of 2015 was this mystery thriller starring Ajay and Tabu called “Drishyam“. The movie was the remake of the 2013 Malayalam movie of the same name starring Mohanlal. The film was so impeccably executed that it was adapted in four languages including Hindi, Telgu, Tamil, and Kannada.

9. Tere Naam (2003)

It’s safe to say that Salman’s career revival in the early 2000 happened all because of his portrayal of Radhe in Tere Naam. A movie that focuses on a obessed love story, trials and severe hardships faced by an individual. The movie was a remake of the 1999 Tamil film “Sethu” starring Vikram which won many accolades including a National Award for the best film.

10. Hera Pheri (2000)

One of the greatest comedy movies ever made in Bollywood is Hera Pheri. The movie that takes us on a humorous roller coaster ride filled with twists and turns is a remake of the 1999 Malayalam film “Ramji Rao Speaking”. Sorry to disappoint you, but the comedy cult movie Hera Pheri too is inspired from the South Indian Cinema.


Wanted (2009) film which is a remake of Telgu movie Pokiri (2006). Salman’s Ready and Bodyguard are also a remake of the Telgu and Malayalam movies of the same name.

Rowdy Rathore (2012) which is a remake of Telgu film Vikramarkudu (2006)

South Indian Cinema copied Bollywood movies films

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