10 Famous Hollywood Stars Everybody Hates Working With

Welcome to Humor Nation. It takes a lot to get to the top of Hollywood and these top rated actors and actresses have managed to make a big name for themselves on the silver screen. What happens though when the cameras stopped rolling? Here are the top ten actors and actresses that nobody wants to work with!

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Famous Hollywood Stars Everybody Hates Working With!

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

10 Famous Hollywood Stars Everybody Hates Working With

It’s no mystery why Gwyneth Paltrow has become one of the most hated actresses in Hollywood ever since her Oscar acceptance speech in 1999. Most recently she’s appeared in Avengers EndGame as Tony Stark’s partner-in-crime Pepper Potts. Beyond her successful career is an oscar-winning film actress Gwyneth is the founder and CEO of her own natural health and wellness company. But although when it seems like she has her life together if you look behind the scenes, you might find the opposite to be true. Gwyneth has gained herself a reputation for being cold and unfriendly to fellow actors and people on set. According to a source from Iron Man two, she is not friendly to anyone and tends to make people feel awkward and uncomfortable. She wasn’t outright rude to Scarlett Johansson, she just didn’t speak to her, and went out of her way to avoid Scarlett.

2. Russel Crowe

10 Famous Hollywood Stars Everybody Hates Working With

Russel Crowe will always be remembered for his amazing performances in films like A beautiful mind, Gladiator, but this nice guy in real life is far from being nice. The tough-guy persona he played in Gladiator has followed him out of the screen. The actor can be pretty rowdy and doesn’t mind getting physical when angry, he has caused a few fights on set. His strong temper and often appearing drunk on the set makes it harder for people to work with him.

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3. Chevy Chase

10 Famous Hollywood Stars Everybody Hates Working With

He is notoriously known as one of the most difficult actors to work with of all time. Chase got his start on Saturday Night Live, but ended up getting banned from the show in mere months. Almost every SNL cast member who worked with Chase reported verbal abuse and sometimes physical abuse. Despite this reputation of his he still managed to nab roles such as Pierce Hawthorne in community.

4. Lindsay Lohan

10 Famous Hollywood Stars Everybody Hates Working With

She has brought us feel-good hits such as The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. These films show us a more innocent poised actress who had the potential to become the next starlet of her generation, but there was something different which was brewing behind the scenes. Lindsay Lohan’s acting career completely flipped when she continued to run into trouble with the law and exhibited unprofessional and appropriate behavior on the set of certain film projects. Lindsay was also convicted of a DUI in 2007 after crashing her car and some trees in Beverly Hills authorities found a measurable amount of cocaine in her possession and Lindsay was arrested shortly after.

5. Katherine Heigl

10 Famous Hollywood Stars Everybody Hates Working With

Grey’s Anatomy darling Katherine Heigl is known to be quite difficult to work with let’s just say she takes the word outspoken to a whole new level. Heigl has also openly criticized Grey’s Anatomy after saying that she is dropping out of the Emmy race because Grey’s riders did not give her good enough material to work with. Katherine Heigl continued to make projects but mostly stayed with direct-to-dvd or TV commercials. In addition to being openly critical of her own projects, Heigl can be very demanding on set and has no problem telling it like it is after a film has been released.

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