10 Famous Inventions That Were Actually Stolen From Other People

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Many inventions took place in past years and proved to be very useful to mankind like the telephone, light bulb, etc. But did you know that many of the inventors did not actually invent it, but successfully stole someone else’s idea and portrayed them as their own? Today we’ll tell you about those inventions and inventors, so let’s start.

So let’s discuss those 10 famous inventions that were actually stolen from other people!

1. The Telephone

10 Famous Inventions That Were Actually Stolen From Other People

Alexander Graham Bell is largely given the credit for inventing the telephone after he secured the patent in 1876, but the real inventor of the telephone was a poor Italian inventor named Antonio Meucci. This information was given was the US Congress in 2002, Bell and Meucci actually shared a laboratory with each other.

2. Radio

Guglielmo Marconi won the Nobel Prize for his invention of the radio, but soon it came into light that Nikola Tesla was the actual inventor of the radio.

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3. Lasers

Gordon Gould is the man behind the invention of the laser and it took about 30 years for him to receive a patent for this invention, but the idea of the invention was actually of Charles H. Townes and Gould was his student.

4. The Anyway Up Cup

An amateur inventor named Mandy Haberman came up with a new kind of cup with a slit valve that prevented spills, Haberman patented the valve and showed her cup to big brands in an attempt to sell her product to them. After seeing her invention, children’s company Jackel International stole the invention and named it under the Tommy Tippee brand.

5. Telescope

Telescope was Galileo’s most famous invention, but he didn’t actually invent it. It was actually a Dutch eyeglass maker named Hans Lippershey who invented the telescope and applied for its patent.

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