10 Good Things About North Korea

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. North Korea is a lesser-known nation in the world. We always talk about the dominating economies and ignore such small nations. But these nations and specifically North Korea has a long list of good facts that we should know.

Presenting to you, the 10 lesser known good facts about North Korea that the world must know and admire.

10. A free Education and highest Literacy Rate

The nation provides elementary, secondary and higher education for free. All the citizens there are educated. It provides a challenging literacy rate of 99.99% to other nations.

9. Less Pollution

When all other nations are struggling for some fresh air and water, here is North Korea for you. This is the least polluted nation in the world. Only the police officials are allowed to own a car.

8. Very Low Electricity Consumption

When all the nations are fighting for high electricity imports, this one has the lowest power consumption. They know how to efficiently use the lights and hence they control pollution.

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7. Natural Resources

The country has a rich natural resources reserve. They need not import anything like magnesium, zinc, copper or even gold!  It is the second largest in the world.

10 Good Things About North Korea

6. Well Preserved Culture

They have preserved their culture well. The residents are very proud of it. They dance on their songs only till date. They carry their traditional outfits on occasions.

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