10 Indian Dacoits Who Made Chambal A Fearsome Area

6. Jagjivan Parihar

Once Jagjivan killed the head of Brahmin family after which he joined the bandit Salim Gujjar. Soon when conflicts started between him and Gujjar, he started his own gang. He was supported by Thakur community, which was a big political force because of which police couldn’t do anything against Jagjivan.On March 2007, Jagjivan was killed in an encounter and police used hand grenades to chase him and his men down.

7. Rambabu and Dayaram Gadariya

Rambabu and Dayaram were brothers who used to operate in secrecy and were called Gang Target One by MP police. This gang was founded by Raghubir Gadariya when his wife left him for another man, he then killed his wife and her lover and started this gang with his five nephews Rambabu, Vijay, Pratap, Gopal and Dayaram. In 1999, Raghubir was killed with three other people of his gang and later in 2000 the rest were captured but in 2001 they managed to escape from the bus. Later Dayaram was killed in an encounter in 2006 and Rambabu in 2007.

8. Sultana Daku

Sultana Daku was born in a Muslim Bhantu clan of criminal, he was a dangerous dacoit who terrorized all and operated from Chambal. He was the one who kidnapped Putli Bai once and later fell in love with her and had two kids with her. He was a pain for the Britishers but was loved by all in his village because he always helped them out. Once he looted a British raj train and distributed the loot amongst the poor people. When he was captured and sentenced to be hanged by Britishers, an officer named Freddie Young tried his level best to save him but couldn’t so Sultana asked him to raise his son as a sahib. Freddie kept his word and had sent him England to study. In 1924 Sultana was hanged till death.

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9. Nirbhay Gujjar

Nirbhay Gujjar was also known as ‘Baagi’ in the Chambal area. He was also well-known for having many female bandits in his gang like Seema Parihar, Chamko, Sarala Jatav, Munni Pandey and Neelam. Nirbhay had a weak point for women and had four wives out of which three were kidnapped by him, he had also kidnapped other women who later became bandits in his gang. He was gunned down by police officers on November 8, 2005.

10. Seema Parihar

10 Indian Dacoits Who Made Chambal A Fearsome Area

Seema Parihar was born in a very poor family in UP and at the age of 13 she was abducted by dacoits named Kusuma Nian and Lala Ram. She then became a dacoit herself and married Nirbhay Singh Gujjar in 1986. She killed almost 70 people, kidnapped more than 200 and robbed around 30 houses under her leadership. Seema then surrendered in 2000 and later showed interest in politics and joined Indian Justice Party in 2008 and also joined the Samajwadi party in 2008. She appeared in ‘BIGG BOSS’ and also has a movie based on her life named ‘Wounded-The Bandit Queen’.

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