10 Interesting Facts About The Legend Stan Lee

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The life of our legendary comic book writer Stan Lee was like an open book, he was the co-creator of our greatest superheroes like Spider-man, Iron Man, Thor, etc. He was everyone’s beloved comic writer and he passed away at the age of 95 on 12th November. So today we’ll know some things about his life to remember him, so let’s start!

So here are some fun and interesting facts about Stan Lee!

10. His wife was his barber

10 Interesting Facts About The Legend Stan Lee

On the second page of his memoir Stan Lee revealed a secret that he never went to a barber all his adulthood because his wife, Joanie acts as his barber and just cuts his hair whenever needed.

9. Got confidence from his mother

When Stan Lee was a child, he loved reading books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Twain, Jules Verne, H.G Wells and many more and when he used to read his mother just used to watch him and think how brilliant my child is. That where Stan Lee gained his confidence because he knew that for his mother he is brilliant.

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8. Wrote obituaries when young

Earlier Stan Lee used to write obituaries for celebs at a new office in New York and after some time he had to quit his job because he thought it was too depressing for him. After that, he started writing about the lives of our great superheroes.

7. Captain America was a big break

After a week at Timely Comics, Stan Lee got an opportunity to write a comic about Captain America and the title of that two-page comic was “Captain America Foils the Traitor’s Revenge”. This comic got published on 1st August 1941 and it was his first big break.

6. Wrote training films for the army with Dr. Seuss

When Lee got transferred from the army’s Signal Corps in New Jersey, he started working as a playwright with eight other men in the Training Film Division in Queens. Out of the eight men, some got famous like Charles Addams, Theodor Geisel or Dr. Seuss and William Saroyan.

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