10 Life Hacks Which Will Make Your Life Easy!

Welcome back again to Humor Nation!. Life is complex. Today, we bring to you some life hacks which will make your life smooth. There are so many small tasks, which cause us trouble. There are simple solutions listed here to solve some complex situations. Let us get to the point.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Life Hacks Which Will Make Your Life Easy!

1. Toothpaste is more than a mouth cleaner.

There are times when we drop our phones. Accidentally, screens of the phones gets cracked. Toothpaste is of great use. Rub toothpaste, all over the screen and the remove any extra leftover. Repeating this 2 to 3 times would again make your phone’s screen look like new. Just make sure, you don’t use any flavoured toothpaste for carrying out this task.

2. Only 15 minutes to get your drinks cool.

Wrap the bottles or drinks with damp paper towels. Make sure, the towel is wet not dripping. Keep the wrapped bottles in fridge. After 15 minutes, you will get them perfectly cool. And then, enjoy your cool and refreshing drink.

3. Stop mixing keys.

Sometimes, you have a lot of keys stung into a single chain. You face a lot of trouble finding the right key to the right lock. For this problem, there is a simple solution of using nail paint to mark keys. Using different colours for different keys and their respecting locks. You can easily identify things now. Even if you feel like removing the color, nail paint remover is the available option.

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4. Get best sandwich and fast too.

We always face this problem of getting a perfect sandwich made. It is either more toasted, or none. So, the middle way of getting a perfect sandwich is to use two pieces of bread into one slot of toaster. This will get you the best sandwich. And the best part, you can make two sandwiches at the same time.

5. Know the whereabouts of your belongings.

There are times, we lend our belongings to friends and relatives. Certainly, this also happen that we forget about it. We don’t remember whom we gave it to. For this simple problem, you can use this idea. Whenever you give them anything, keep a picture of that person with your belongings, with you. You can also save it in a folder you frequently use. You will remember it wherever you will see the picture. even if the person you lend the item to forgets , you still have the prove with you.

6. Hair straighteners are a lot more.

So, sometimes when you think you are getting late and your clothes are not ready. Then at that time, hair straightener can be of great help. You can use them to flatten the surfaces. The are best even when used as iron. Try this and you will never be late.

7. Help for your bags.

living on a fifth floor may be fun. But, it is difficult when you have to carry luggage there. For this, you can use this hack. Have a carabiner by your side. You might know this but had never used. You can use it for your weekly shopping trip. Instead of struggling with multiple heavy bags, tie them to carabiner. This reduces half of the load. Enjoy your trip then.

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8. Get a cardboard.

Sometimes, heading for a meeting with important documents in bag, and when you reach there you find them curled up. That imposes a bad impression.  To avoid this, use a simple hack. Keep your document over a cardboard sheet and place them in a zipper bag. paper will never be crumpled again. Cardboard can be of great help.

9. The Gum Hack.

There are some veggies which make you cry while chopping. Example is onion. To avoid the tears running down, try chewing gum, while chopping such vegetables. Gum has mint, which dissolves the chemicals getting into your body and making you cry. This will seriously help.

10. Fix furniture with snack food. 

Your furniture gets bad with time. They get scratches and other patches. But. believe us there are some snacks that could help you out. Walnut are the best example. Almonds could also help but walnuts are considered best. Whenever you find any piece of wooden furniture having scratches. Rub it diagonally with walnut. The furniture will absorb oil and slowly the furniture would be new again.

10 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easy!

Hope it helped.

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