10 Most Ruthless And Cruel Emperors In Indian History

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Many emperors existed in India, some have been very kind to their people and some had crossed the limit of being cruel. Today we’re not going to talk about the good rulers who existed, but about the bad ones that made India a living hell.

So let’s know about the 10 most cruel emperors in the Indian history

1. Firuz Shah Tughlaq

10 Most Ruthless And Cruel Emperors In Indian History

Firuz Shah was the head of the Tughlaq and ruled for about 37 years over the Sultanate of Delhi. Slavery was a very common thing under his reign and even when he died, all the slaves under him were executed by him. He also destroyed many Hindu temples and he believed in Islam and imposed Islamic religion over all forcefully, and also made women and children his slaves after shredding the blood of the men in their family.

2. Pushyamitra Shunga

Pushyamitra Shunga killed the last Mauryan king Brihadratha and sat on the throne, under his rule, he exterminated all the Buddhists and also their scriptures and scriptures. He followed this cruel policy for a very long time.

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3. Mihirakula

Mihirakula owned the Hepthalite empire and when Mihirakula was released he’d set up a revolt against the king of Kashmir and started destroying all the Buddhists and their monasteries. Buddhists now also say that he was a terrible prosecutor of their religion.

4. Alauddin Khilji

Khilji is said to be one of the most powerful and influential rulers in the history and ruled over the Sultanate of Delhi and was the second ruler of the Khilji dynasty. After his successful invasion over the Mongol’s, he slaughtered their every man in a single day(around 30000 men) and kept their women and children as his slaves. For him keeping women as his slaves was a very ordinary thing.

5. Ashoka

Emperor Ashoka is one of the greatest kings in the history of India but did you know that he created a torture chamber under his rule? Well yes, that chamber is considered as five stages of torture of Buddhist hell. In the war against Kalinga, he killed almost 200 thousand people in order to embrace Buddhism.

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