10 People Who Were Arrested For Dumbest Reasons!

10 People Who Were Arrested For Dumbest Reasons!

Many people get arrested on daily basis for horrible and terrifying crimes however if you think only dangerous criminals see the inside of a prison cell then you’re wrong.

These are some crazy and bizarre arrests that have been made and a lot of them are just plain stupid. So let’s take a look at the top 10 dumbest ways to get arrested.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 People Who Were Arrested For Dumb Reasons!

10. Breaking Into Jail

10 People Who Were Arrested For Dumbest Reasons!

I mean what is going on here, is this real life right now? I don’t think so! Why would anyone want to break themselves into jail. Well Monique Armstrong was 20 years old at the time and she wanted to be arrested and wanted her boyfriend be released for charges of drinking under the influence. So Monique was able to make it past a chain link and razor wire fence that surround the jail yard and she was later found throwing rocks at a jail window. When officers came onto the scene, she demanded that she be arrested and that’s exactly what they did. A few hours later her brother posted bond and she was released.

9. Twerking

A homeless woman was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after she was seen twerking in a vulgar manner in front of the school bus of children. Oh you did in front of school children and it’s just yet yeah your your bum just popping it, yeah you might get arrested for this. She was later released from jail after posting a 250-dollar bond. I guess she’ll think twice about when and where she twerks from now on.

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8. Worshiping Loudly

Pastor Johnnie Clark was arrested for unlawful sound amplification and sentenced to two weeks in jail. I mean is this real life right now? His neighbor’s reportedly complained that the instruments were too loud, disruptive and the microphones were way too loud. It’s not like he was throwing a house party, he was just having a sermon.

7. Eating SpaghettiOs

Ashley Huff was riding in the passenger seat of a car when police officers pulled them over for routine traffic stop. When they searched her bag they found a dirty spoon with residue on it. So they tested it in the field and it came back positive for methamphetamine. She was charged with possession of a narcotic and she spent two weeks behind bars before being released. She was later thrown back in the jail for a month and a half because they wanted to run a more thorough lab test on her spoon. Well it was her that she was only guilty of eating SpaghettiOs, the spoon never had meth on it. So where’s where did that mishap happen? I hope Ashley gets a nice settlement check for being wrongfully convicted of something that she never did.

6. Attacking Using Banana

This list just keeps on getting weirder and weirder and just stupider. Phillip Joseph Smolinsky was arrested and detained after he attacked his girlfriend with a banana. Hopefully it was just a ripe banana because if you throw a little green one, you could have some serious damage. He was charged with domestic battery and resisting arrest with violence. Those are some pretty serious charges for just throwing a banana.

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5. Pretending To Be Ghost

A drunk man from Portsmouth, England was making ghost sounds at a cemetery in front of people who are mourning their loved ones. He kept shouting “WOOOOO” while throwing his arms in the air, he was like he was trying to be a ghost. The man was arrested at the scene and he later pleaded guilty to the charge so he was fined $60 and then he was ordered to pay another $70 in the victim surcharge and court costs. He was also handed a 12-month suspended prison sentence.

4. Using Facebook

Nicholas Wig was robbing a house and he must have decided to use a computer so he went to his house that he was robbing and he went on the computer, log on to Facebook, and then he fled the scene. He forgot to delete his history and delete his cache, his cookies, and everything. I guess he just wanted to stay up to date with the newsfeed to see if like anyone knows that he’s in this house. However he was quickly tracked down by the police. I’m sure it never took them long, they got his name, information, personal messages, and everything and now he can face up to ten years in prison and twenty thousand dollars as fine if convicted.

3. Arrested For Farting

This must have been a silent, but deadly one if you guys know what I mean. So a US police officer was arrested and charged with the sole, by causing bodily injury after he farted in a colleague’s face. I mean that must have been the world’s worst fart. I mean what did you have for lunch. These charges carry up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $4000. I mean lesson learned, do not fart on your coworkers face.

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2. Kidnapping A Spider

A man from Kansas was ordered to serve four and a half years behind bars after he took his neighbor’s pet spider hostage back in 2012. This is a real life story, Brian Smith originally agreed to look after the pet spider, but then he threatened to shoot his friend if he could not keep it. Oh and he was demanding to give him $ 100 on top of him keeping the spider.

1. Bomb Hoax


It’s a pretty serious crime, but this guy’s reasoning for attempting this hoax was pretty dumb. Neal McArdle just couldn’t face telling his fiancee that he had failed to fill the proper paper form for his wedding venue. So instead of being honest with his future wife about losing the venue, he decides to stage a bomb hoax at the venue. So his wife got ready for the wedding day, he went to a phone booth called the venue and said that this is not a hoax call, there’s a bomb and it will go off in minutes. Police quickly traced the call to where he was and he was arrested on the same day and he was sentenced to one year in jail.

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