10 People Who Were Struck By Lightning


Faster than a bullet and hotter than the surface of the Sun, lightning is an unstoppable force that deal some serious damage. All over the world electrical storm strikes the Earth’s surface times 100 times at any given second, yet amazingly 9 out of 10 people survive being hit by the bolts of fury.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 People Who Were Struck By Lightning!

10. Adam Campbell

Trail runners are tough people and possibly a little crazy. None more so than Canadian Adam Campbell who in 2014 was competing in ‘hard rock’ considered to be one of the hardest trails. A storm hit the runners shortly after sunset and as Adam and his teammate reach the summit, the air exploded with a flash of light and a loud crack, and they found themselves sprawled on the ground. Remarkably neither of the two were seriously harmed and even more remarkably Adam picked himself up and finished third in the race.

9. Ian Gordon & Kendra Villanueva

On the 4th of July 2013 Ian Gordon and his pregnant girlfriend Kendra Villanueva were caught in a storm in Albuquerque, New Mexico, making the classic mistake of sheltering under a tree. The couple was hit by a bolt of lightning that has passed from Ian to Kendra. After being rushed to the hospital where doctors performed an emergency c-section on Kendra. The baby Kimberly survived despite being born two weeks early, sadly she suffered some neurological damage, but the most noticeable characteristic of this lightning baby is that her static hair that stands permanently. Mr. Gordon has appropriately given his daughter the nickname flash.

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8. Tony Cicoria

Lightning can have an incredibly destructive effect on the human body and around 24,000 people are killed by electrical storms each year. But Tony Cicoria from New York may have actually gained power from Zeus’s mighty bolt. He was hit after leaving a phone booth and was resuscitated by a nurse and after a few weeks he recovered from the ordeal, but was overcome with an insatiable desire to play the piano. He previously showed no interest in it and now Cicoria has  composed a number of works and performed in theaters showcasing his bizarre gift.

7. Unnamed Boy

An unnamed boy who was watching an air show on Friday the 13th  in August 2010. The boy was struck in the shoulder and was immediately taken care of by paramedics it was while they were treating him that they noticed the time 13 minutes past o’clock or 13:13. The boy was taken to the hospital and recovered quickly despite the ominous coincidences. The boy’s age was thirteen.

6. Winston Kemp

24-year-old Winston Kemp ran out into a storm one afternoon. Lightning struck his neighbor’s backyard sending electricity into Kemp’s arms. Noticing nothing more than a sore arm, he came back inside like nothing was wrong. Around an hour later a red scar developed on the arm and shape of a fractal branch like structure, known to the physicists as Lichtenberg figures. This painfully beautiful patterns have appeared on a number of lightning survivors and as a result of ruptured blood capillaries in the path of the current.


5. Steve Marshburn

In 1969, he was working inside a bank at a tellers window when lightning struck the tellers intercom sending a surge of current down Marshburn back. The lightning caused serious damage to his spine and brain, exiting his hand via metal stamps he’s been holding. The lack of research and support for those who suffered strikes led to Marshburn setting up a “Lightning Strike and Electric Shock Survivors International Group”.

4. Harold Deal

Deal was also struck in 1969 while walking to his front door he was blasted out of his boots and onto the ground. It took seven hours for his sight and senses to return to him, but he was left unable to walk. After surgery he’ll eventually got back on his feet, but the lightning strike had left him with a curious ability, he was impervious to feeling the cold. Deal’s photos of himself running shirtless through the snow at negative 45 degrees and sitting in ice bath. Doctors are unable to explain the phenomenon although steel is no doubt happy to be saving money on its heating bill.

3. Roy Sullivan

A park ranger from Virginia Roy Sullivan holds the Guinness World Record for having received the most recorded lightning strikes with a total of seven. Between 1942 and 1977, Sullivan was hit on several parts of his body frequently setting his hair on fire. The experiences earned him the nickname “The Human Lightning Rod” and sadly for Roy but the people avoiding his company when the skies went gray. Sullivan ended up shooting himself over an unrequited love the only thing better at breaking a man’s heart than an electrical current.

2. Melvin Roberts

While Roy Sullivan may hold the official record with seven strikes, another East Coast man has supposedly topped it. Melvin Roberts from South Carolina claims to have been struck eleven times in 12 years while mowing his lawn, driving a bulldozer or just standing outside his house. He has extensive medical records, burn marks, exit wounds and brain damage to back up his story. He even has a box of broken watches showing the exact time of the strikes. But unfortunately the Guinness Book of Records says there isn’t quite enough evidence of the strikes for them to give him the record.

1. Jim Caviezel

Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ stirred up controversy worldwide even before it was released. This was not helped when Jim Caviezel the actor playing Jesus Christ, but hit by a bolt of lightning during filming. Caviezel a devout Catholic said fire flashed from both sides of his head during the Sermon on the mountain scene. Director Mel Gibson quickly called in the stylist to sort out the hair of a now rather Messier. Messiah wasn’t the only one to suffer the wrath of God during the film’s production, the assistant director was also hit twice during filming.

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