10 Places In PUBG That Are Based On Real Places

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. You must have played PUBG in your recent times most probably, if not you definitely would have listened about it somewhere or the other. This is because PUBG as a game is very addictive and once you start playing, you will definitely come back to it, in order to improve your points. But do you know, the maps of Pubg are inspired by real places?

Here are 10 places of PUBG that are taken from real life places:

1. Yasnaya Polyana:

The Yasnaya Polyana church you must have seen while you have played in Pubg. It is one of the mediocre places where there are lots of buildings where you will find enough loot. This place is actually inspired by a place called Stormy Kadom situated in Russia.

10 Places In PUBG That Are Based On Real Places

2. Paradise resort, Sanhok:

This is the finest resort in Sanhok which has cross-courtyard sightlines for great snipers, thrilling room-to-room breaches for the shotgun specialists, and mid-ranged corridors that are perfect for improving your SMG skills. The real-life place which this is inspired by is Khao Sok paradise resort situated in Suratthani, Thailand.

10 Places In PUBG That Are Based On Real Places

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3. Pochinki:

One of the favourite and most visited location of Pubg, as it is the most infamous of the places. The original concept of buildings in pochinki is taken from places in Russia, but the basic map is based on a village called Doel nuclear village in Belgium which was abandoned due to nuclear experiments.

10 Places In PUBG That Are Based On Real Places

4. Ruins, Sanhok:

Ruins is a place where only the most daring players have the courage to brave these chambers. The Ruins reward only those who survive the close-quarters combat with all the loot they can carry. The real-life place is taken from Mrauk U ruins, Myanmar in Asia.

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