10 Richest Criminals Ever Known In The World

Hello folks!Welcome to Humor Nation. We have all known the fact, the criminal ways are the easier way to get to be the richest but the tougher way to exist, yet some amongst us have got all guts to handle every glory to their worth no matter whichever way earned. And maybe that’s the reason the pages of history are scribbled with the names as criminals that have a close connection to police records.

You read that right! listed below are the richest Criminals whose annuals are a dream to commoners or I guess the riches too!

1. AL CAPONE ($100M a year)

“Do good to others and god returns”‘ is the best-known thing to Mr. mastermind Capone,  as he was the popular one among charitable trusts all for his fat donations. He was the billionaire criminal and his earnings are still serving us. He made quite good bucks with illegal alcoholic sales. Police custody got him in for to the reason of tax evasion.

10 Richest Criminals Ever Known In The World

2. SUSUMU ISHII ($4B in global assets)

Ishii is the gangster from the military. Though the fact saddens but his net worth is a golden egg. The major criminal made all his wealth through real estate scams but lost m bucks during the 1980s. He was a lion heart and human body and fearlessly took away the lives that troubled his ways.

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Leona Helmsley is a major criminal. Her husband left her for certain reasons and she sooner entered the criminal world. She made tax evasions and certain more crimes on her name that got her behind the bars.


Here comes the man behind the popular drug Medellin Cartel. He had an island and a private plane to make his drug smuggling easier. He is kept behind the bars for around two decades.

5. KHUN SA ($5B)

The Chinese major criminal Zhang Qifu had his majorly focused target at military before he lost his way to opium smuggling and sooner accepted the name Khun Sa in 1976. He was also known the Opium Warlord because of the supply in Golden Triangle.

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