10 Awesome Quotes From Sherlock TV Series That Every True Fan Must Read!

BBC’s Sherlock is undoubtedly one of the greatest shows ever made. This British TV series stars Benedict Cumberbatch in the iconic role of the great genius detective Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman plays the famous role of Dr. John Watson, Sherlock’s friend and assistant. Cumberbatch with his brilliant acting skills and talent reinvented the character of Sherlock Holmes.  This show is a modern adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes detective stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Sherlock tv series

The series has only 13 episodes under its belt but they are nothing sort of masterpiece. Critics have applauded the show for its performances, writing and direction. The show has been nominated for many awards including Golden Globe, Emmys, BAFTAs. Fans of this popular show refer themselves as ‘Sherlockians’, the show’s fandom is very active on the internet notably on Tumblr. The fandom is deeply in love with the talented British actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Sherlockians continuously try to sharpen their observation and deduction skills, try to read a human mind just like Sherlock. The fan girls of this fandom never hesitate from expressing their love by writing fan fiction and shipping their favorite characters.

So let’s take a look at 10 Awesome Sherlock TV Series Quotes That Every True Fan Must Read!

Only John Watson is capable of putting up with the drama and tantrums of the genius detective. He may not be as wise and intelligent as Sherlock, but he’s honest and a true friend. 

If it weren’t for the consulting criminal, the show wouldn’t be that much fun. He’s obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, he could have killed him anytime, but  his world would be boring without Sherlock in it.

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No dummy! Friends protect people.

It’s the villain who brings out the best in a hero. It’s your enemy who let’s you know your shortcomings and provides you with a chance to improve yourself.

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You can never deduce this great mind.


Get your facts straight Anderson.

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You’re a good man! You’re a hero!

He’s truly the ICEMAN! No wonder why he’s cynical and socially detached all the time.

YOU MACHINE! Well that defect is what makes us human.

Being ordinary is boring!

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