10 Shocking Real Life Deaths Caused By Playing Video Games!

Welcome back to Humor Nation and we talked a lot about video games, but there’s a bit of a darker side to everything out there, and video games are no exception. So we’re going to be talking about deaths that are related to video games. Now obviously guys there are many many factors involved in these cases and it’s obviously not just the fault of video games. But still how did they all happen? Let’s find out shall we!

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Shocking Real Life Deaths Caused By Playing Video Games!

1. Lengthy Play Time Syndrome

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They say too much of a good thing can be bad and while gamers would probably disagree when it comes to their beloved medium. We have some truly sad stories to tell that support this claim such as the devastating end to Chen Rong-Yu 23-year life. Chen died at the end of a 23-hour session of League of Legends. He was dead for nine hours in an Internet Cafe before anyone noticed. There was also Lee Seung Seop who collapsed and died after almost 50 straight hours of StarCraft and a Defense of the Ancients player Rustam who had a broken leg and died of thrombosis after a 22 day gaming binge.

2. Lineage II Clan Rivalry

To his Lineage Clan Plutonium he was known as Albert, to his rivals the Coo-clocks he was nothing more than a nuisance that needed silencing. 33-year old Albert had taken a swift beating in game leading to our real life meeting between he and his 22-year old enemy. The face off between the two Russian gamers ended with Albert sustaining brutal injuries and earning a trip to the hospital. Albert passed away shortly after and though arrested for the crime his killer stuck to his belief that the former plutonium member needed to die.

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3. Shaun Woolley

The sudden death of Shaun Woolley is one that still baffles those that knew him. Though he suffered from a learning disability and showed emotional issues as a child. While he was on a good path especially after obtaining employment and a place of his own to live. Despite the positivity Sean’s mother came his dead body slumped in front of his computer with EverQuest still running. Woolly had killed himself and his mother immediately pointed her finger at the virtual world her son was so heavily involved in. No note was left behind to confirm reason, but it’s believed Shaun had met with some sort of in game tragedy possibly over a fellow player he had grown attached to and shot himself in the middle of playing.

4. Tragedy In Azeroth

World of Warcraft is a lot of things, but being associated with tragedy was never meant to be one of them. On December 27th, 2004, 13-year old Zhang Xiaoyi of China jumped to his death after a 36-hour binge session in World of Warcraft. There’s little doubt to the connection between the young boy’s death and blizzards popular MMO. As a note left by Heung stated he wished to join the heroes of the game he worshiped.

5. FarmVille Rage

There are those that may be passionately against Farmville being labeled a video game, but there is likely no conflict in agreeing on the horror of the case of three month old Dylan Lee Edmondson. Dylan’s mother Alexandra Tobias was heavily invested in her virtual farm as her child wailed on about whatever he was in need of. Unable to take the incessant crying which distracted her from her budding crops, Tobias grabbed her son and shook him violently it’s believed the boys had struck something as his mother swung him about, killing him all for the sake of inedible vegetables and cartoon animals.

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6. World Of Neglect

Addictive gaming is an unhealthy habit, but it’s not just the gamer that feels the effects. Take Rebecca Colleen Christie and her alleged addiction to World of Warcraft which led to the prolonged death of her three year old daughter. After the death of her child it was discovered that Rebecca logged on to Warcraft for approximately 15 hours every day as she explored the extensive fantasy lands of Merlocks, Night Elves and Demons. Her daughter was left to fend for herself even going so far as to eat cat food when her hunger was at its worst. Eventually the three year old died of malnourishment and Rebecca’s World of Warcraft days ended with a 25 years prison sentence.

7. Trash Talking To Death

Next time you consider trash talking somebody you don’t know over a game, consider the possibility that the individual on the receiving end is not too stable and all too unpredictable. If year old Daniel Duterte alleged grandson of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte thought of this he’d likely still be alive today. During a heated match in “Defense Of The Ancients” against Jypsy Obar, Daniel apparently had plenty to say that left his opponent feeling of bit enraged. The altercation which occurred at an Internet Cafe ended with Duterte being stabbed to death and Jypsy fleeing.

8. A Life For A Sword

To some, games are a simple form of mindless entertainment used to enjoy time with friends or alone. Others see every aspect of a video game as something worth fighting over even including otherwise worthless in-game items. Legend Of Mir player 41-year-old Qiu Chengwei went on a rage filled quest to take out Zhu caoyuan in real life with a real sword. Allegedly, Qiu had lent Zhu a sword that he had recently won in the game to show his gratitude. Zhu sold it for roughly $1,000.  Though Zhu offered to hand over the cash. After Qiu attempted and failed to press charges Qiu saw no other resolution that does stab Zhu to death.

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9. Influence of Grand Theft Auto

Few games have received as much gripe for its senseless violence as Grand Theft Auto and while many horrific acts are attributed to the game desensitizing youths. There’s one case where its involvement is nearly undeniable On June 7th, 2003, 18-year-old Devon Darnell Thompson, also known as Devon Moore, went on a rampage that left two police officers and a 911 dispatcher dead. After being brought to a Fayette, Alabama police station on charges of grand theft auto. Thompson was reported saying “life as a video game you’ve got to die sometime” before snatching a handgun, shooting his victims in the head and attempting to make a getaway in a cop car. The case against Grand Theft Auto’s influence was strong especially when it was revealed that GTA Vice City featured a mission eerily similar to Devon’s actions.

10. Daughter Vs. Gaming

Sometimes it’s difficult sorting out priorities and deciding which should come first; you pay the electric bill or the water bill, should you attend your best friend’s wedding or stay at home and make sure the couch doesn’t move. One thing that shouldn’t ever be questioned is if your children should come before your video games habit. After his 17-month old daughter accidentally knocked over his X-box as he engaged in a 6-hour session of Ghost Recon, Tyrone Spellman put gaming before family. The 27-year old gamer beat on his daughter Alayiah cracking her skull in several places, killing her. Spellman lost the daughter was convicted of third degree murder and sentenced to up to years in prison.

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