10 Sports Stars Who Ruined Their Careers!

Hello friends! Welcome back to Humor Nation. We have heard a lot about sports and sports stars. We have known so many stars who made good name in their respective fields. And We even use their names to make new examples for our children and students. But, do you know there are some sports stars, who have ruined their careers themselves. We are going to know about them today.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Sports Stars Who Ruined Their Careers!

1. Hope Solo

She is very beautiful and aesthetic soccer player. Solo won world cup too. Up to 2012, her career was as the extreme edge, she was shining. Then a banned drug was found in her body and she got fixed. Then. she was again reported to be indulged in domestic violence. Also, her husband was arrested in DUI. She also  misbehaved with police and got herself banned from playing. Her expected long career got to the end.

2. Johnny Manziel 

Manziel had so good caliber in his game that he was called the next big thing. He played for Cleveland and proved that he is the foundation of victory for the team. Later, he got engaged in partying and abuses. He also had allegations of assault. Now, in 2015, he announced to start of his football career again.

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3. Oscar Pistorius

He was the first man with double amputee. Oscar won so many medals and took over the world. He was easily recognized by everyone. Later, he tried to take life of his girlfriend and got arrested for 13 years. This ended his glamorous career in a go.

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