10 Superstars Who Looked Very Different Before WWE

10 Superstars Who Looked Very Different Before WWE

Hey guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. WWE Superstars have a unique look and a trademark style, many superstars look precisely same before they started their career with WWE. However there are numerous superstars who appeared to be surprisingly different before becoming the global WWE stars.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Superstars Who Looked Very Different Before WWE!

10. Bray Wyatt

Back when Bray Wyatt was in college, he had long blonde hair and little to no facial hair. He looked very different compared to the Bray Wyatt we see today. That’s such an amazing transformation.

9. Dean Ambrose

10 Superstars Who Looked Very Different Before WWE

When Dean Ambrose began to wrestle in the Independent circuits, he had long blonde hair. But when he got a trial with the WWE, he changed his hair color to pink.

8. Roman Reigns

Back when Roman Reigns was in high school, he was very different, had a total different look. He had little to no facial hair, and at one point, he even shaved his head. Roman was selected as the most attractive in high school. Eventually Roman grew his hair and goatee, he has been the same way ever since.

7. Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman hasn’t always looked like a monster among men. Growing up, he was a normal looking kid. As he became a teenager, he began to have an interest in bodybuilding. But as he grew into an adult, he still didn’t resemble the Braun Strowman that we know today. It wasn’t until he began to build up mass, he grew his beard, and the menacing Braun Strowman we know today began to take Shape.

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6. Paige

Paige started wrestling when she was very young. Even though she was very young, the promoters booked her because of her talent and charisma. She made her way through the ranks. Paige had a very different look back then, but when WWE signed her, she completely changed her look.


5. John Cena

John Cena never had any plans to become a wrestler. Originally Cena started out as a bodybuilder when he was a teenager. And later, he played in high school and college football and prior to his crew-cut hairstyle, he had a shaved head.

4. Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch looked very different when she started out in pro-wrestling. She was 18, when she made her wrestling debut in Ireland. Before joining WWE, she had much shorter hair with her natural hair color, before changing it to bright orange in 2014.

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3. Big Cass

He started out as a college basketball player, he played for the NYU basketball team from 2008-09. Eventually Big Cass decided to pursue his dream of becoming a wrestler. Big Cass bear little resemblance back then, compared to his current look today.

2. Big Show

Back in high school and college, Big Show played basketball. And back then, he spotted a very different look. He had no facial hair, a complete clean look, he was much thinner, and he had not developed his physique back then.

1. Enzo Amore

Didn’t know he looked like a certified G with his current over-the-top look and style! There was a time when he was playing college football where he was totally clean cut and didn’t look like Enzo Amore we know today. But after college, he slowly began changing himself into his WWE persona.

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