10 Surprising Facts About The Evil Dictator Adolf Hitler!

Adolf Hitler Interesting Facts
We are talking about the most evil dictator the world has ever seen, it's Adolf Hitler.

Hello to all you most beautiful and most amazing people and welcome back to the Humor Nation. Today we are discussing one of the most notorious characters in history. That’s right, we are talking about the most evil dictator the world has ever seen, it’s Adolf Hitler. Now a lot of people know a little bit about Adolf Hitler and his disgusting brand of politics as well as his evil mass persecution of Jews. However we have dug up ten lesser-known facts for you about the dictator making up our top ten surprising fact about Hitler. So let’s get started, shall we?

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Surprising Facts About The Evil Dictator Adolf Hitler!

1. Hitler Loved Disney

Who would have thought that someone as powerful and evil as Adolf Hitler was a fan of Disney films and cartoons. Hitler was a huge fan of the Disney franchise and his favorite movie was the movie “Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs” for which he apparently had a very deep fascination. Hitler also reportedly enjoyed painting Disney characters including the dwarves.

2. He Originally Wanted To Be An Artist

Imagine a world where Adolf Hitler never entered the politics. He actually wanted to be an artist, it wasn’t just Disney that inspired artwork from Adolf Hitler, he absolutely loved to paint and desperately wanted to be an artist. Before World War I he lived in Vienna in Austria and dreamed of making it as an artist. He absolutely loved the art of Roman classicism and Italian Renaissance styles. Unfortunately he was rejected twice by the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna so he was forced to find another career path.

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3. Hitler Was A Vegetarian

Hitler absolutely loved animals and was very against animal testing and he loved dogs alot. Despite being a bloodthirsty murderer, he did not eat meat and he considered himself to be a vegetarian. Hitler mentioned being a vegetarian in his personal diary on many occasions and even suggested to his army that after the war, he would even try to convert Germans into vegetarianism. At Party rallies, it said that Hitler would always do an effort to make his dinner guests go off meat.

4. Extinct Jews Museum

Hitler wanted to open a museum of an extinct race about the Jews. We all know that Hitler wanted to eliminate the Jews but we didn’t know that he wanted to make a museum showcasing the life of the people he had murdered. Reportedly, Hitler wanted to collect around 200 thousand bodies which were then to be displayed at the end of the war in a place that he wanted to call the museum of an extinct race.

5. Hitler Farted A Lot

In the documents that have been intercepted that were written by his physician, it was revealed that Adolf Hitler had an uncontrollable flatulence problem. He reportedly even took different drugs to try to keep his popping in check. Some people say that this is the real reason why he kept a vegetarian diet and the reason why sometimes he would stand up and just disappear from dinner.

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6. Hitler Was A Homosexual

During Hitler’s lifetime, there were many rumors of his homosexuality and was officially linked to many men. In 2001, a respected German historian Lothar Machtan published a book entitled ‘Hitler secret the double life of a dictator’ where he mentioned about homosexuality of Hitler. One of Adolf Hitler’s earliest romances were said to be with Ernst Schmidt who was a soldier in World War one. There is also evidence to suggest that he was sexually active with females he married his lover Eva Braun.

7. Hitler Only Had One Ball

Hitler really did have one ball and he reportedly lost one testicle during the World War Battle in 1916. A document was later discovered detailing a conversation with Hitler’s German war doctor where he had a conversation with his priest and he said in this conversation that yeah Adolf Hitler lost a ball, he screamed like a little girl and asked if he would ever be able to have children. This is one of the least known facts about Hitler.




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