10 Techniques Used In Fortune Telling And Predicting Future

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. How many of us wake up and read the zodiac to know a prediction for the day? Well, I hope many! Fortune telling has been a popular art since history. Everyone is keen to know what destiny holds for them.

History has had an awesome collection of fortune telling techniques, we have got some here for you!

10. Amniomancy

This was about a baby born with a caul. The prediction was that the baby would grow up into a vampire. To avoid this, parents kept the caul to dry and forcefully fed to the baby on his 7th birthday.

9. Pyromancy

The fire had a pivotal role in this method of fortune prediction. The shape of fire and the way it burnt objects decided the fortune of the person.

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8. The Long Man

The long man was a fortune teller who lived near the river. He made his fortune predictions according to the flow of the river. A good flow ensured good life and an obstacle meant death.

7. Zoomancy

According to this technique, animal behavior was a major fortune teller. they had some assigned tags to animals and understood the intuitions accordingly.

6. Scrying

Scrying is the term for fortune prediction made through glass or crystal. Only professionals were able to do this. Some cultures still practice the method.

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