10 Things About Stranger Things That Make No Sense

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Stranger Things is a fictional drama show that began in 2016 and till now two seasons has released on Netflix and third one is about to release on 4th July 2019. The series became very popular, but there are still some aspects in the show that make people scratch their heads. So let’s know about those moments from the show.

So here is a list of those 10 moments from Stranger Things that somewhere did not make sense!

1. The timeline is messed up

10 Things About Stranger Things That Make No Sense

Stranger Things is set up in the 80s but the timeline shown in the show is quite messed up sometimes. Like they are seen going to films that weren’t released then and even the cars of that time confuse us.

2. Buildings in Upside Down

How the Upside Down works is still not clear to anyone us except the fact that it is a parallel dimension of our world. But the buildings that are built in the actual world appear in the Upside Down in decaying form. But who actually builds these buildings? No one can really answer them.

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3. Neglectful parents

It’s seen that Joyce is busy that is why no body can blame her for Will’s disappearance. But after this incident also none of the other parents are seen keeping an eye on their children or taking care of them even if they are solving mysteries for hours and putting their life in danger or keeping a stranger in their house without even noticing. Who does that?

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