10 Things You Don’t About Your Planet Earth!

Hey Folks! Welcome back to Humor Nation! We have been living on earth, since we are born. But, most of us agree that we don’t know everything about our planet. Although, everything about anything cannot always be known, but somethings about everything can always be known. Today, we are trying to bring to you some facts that, you might not know about our mother planet.

So, Let us probe 10 things you don’t know about your planet earth:

1. You Don’t Have 24 Hours in a Day

We are taught in school, that earth takes 24 hours to spin around sun. However, this is not technically the whole truth. Earth only takes 23 hours and 56 minutes to complete one revolution. But, somehow, while completing the rotation it takes few more minutes everyday. Hence, day lasts longer. Science says that in every few million years earth rotation speed slows down.In coming few million years our day will last for 25-26 hours.

10 Things You Don't KNow About Your Planet Earth!

2. Uneven Gravity of Earth

Hudson Bay is located in Canada, and this area has an uneven mass. And, we know uneven mass accounts for uneven gravity. The visitors here experience a little less gravity. It is not as such that we can bounce like we can on moon. The difference in gravity is only about 0.005%. However, you can weigh a little less there.

3. Creation of Ocean Salt

Rainwater is acidic in nature. This acidic nature of rain water makes mountains to break down. After breaking down, its components gets spread and salt is formed. If somehow you manages to evaporate the ocean water from a particular area, you can get salt layer of at least 5 inches thick.

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4. Our Earth Have a Twin

There is a theory that when earth was developing, there was a smaller twin planet called Thea. The earth and Thea got crashed and most of the latter got absorbed by earth’s crust. The remaining got away and we call it as moon. The scientists also believe in this theory, because other planets do not  have such moon. Also, moon and earth share some similar properties.

5. The ‘HOT’ Earth

You might think, what will happen to our planet if sun gets blocked. Probably, you will think we will freeze. But, that is not the case. The earth’s core is as hot as the surface of the sun. If somehow we can be able to draw energy from the earth’s core, we can keep the human race alive even when sun goes away.


6. Unexplored Oceans

Human race have touched the surface of moon also. We have become so much advanced and have explored the universe and are exploring. But, facts says that we have till now explored only 5 to 10 percent of oceans on earth. There are only ten thousand creatures found as if now and it is estimated that there are 20 million more. The underwater creatures which we see in movies may be true creatures.

7. The Mysterious Exploring Lakes

There are 3 exploding lakes on earth. In 1984, a group of people were going on work, when they found a shower of gas going up the sky. It was cloud of carbon dioxide gas which emerged when lake exploded. 37 people were killed instantly. It was found then, there are lakes which explodes.

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8. The Super Continent

Millions of years ago, in the dinosaur’s era, there existed a supercontinent Pangea, which is ow submerged into different countries. It is also said that in next few million years there will be another supercontinent, which will be named Pangea Ultima. This is join North America and Australia. Also, Europe to the south.

9. The Earth is Not Round 

Many years before it was believed that the earth was flat. Then, scientist proved that the earth is round. After so many more years of research the inference was drawn that earth is not completely round. It is bulged out to about 20 miles at the equator, which give it an eggish shape.

10. Gold Under Water

There is tons of gold under the ocean water. Only reason everyone cannot found it, because one litre only contains billions of gram of gold. Maybe someday we would be able to get gold.

10 Things You Don't Know About Your Planet Earth!

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