10 Must Know Things About Melania Trump!

Hello readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Everybody knows about Donald Trump. He is the newest President of United States. But, We do not certainly know many things about his third wife Melania Trump. So, today we are going to tell you some serious facts about Melania Trump.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Must Know Things About Melania Trump!

1. She is a model.

She is a model. In fact, she started modeling when she was just 5 years old. She appeared for the magazines and in various advertisements. Till 16, she had become a very popular face in all over. She was born in Slovenia. No, doubt she is gorgeous.

10 Must Know Things About Melania Trump!

2. She has a college degree

Unlike, other models or actor who when gets famous care not much about their education, Melania wanted pretty much from her life. She had her college in Ljubljana university. She chose design and architecture. Because, she had pretty much interest in design since childhood. She is now asked for help in interiors and design of Donald’s properties.

3. The First time with Donald.

Melania and Donald, were at a party for a New York Fashion week in 1998. She was with her friends and  Donald was on date with another woman. Donald Trump approached her, and asked her about her phone number. She knew that he was on a date with another woman, so she refused to give him her number, although she agreed to take his. He shared all his contact information and she gave him a call soon after. They started dating and it does not took long for them to fall in love with each other.

4. Her wedding was very expensive.

No questions, she was going to be a bride of Donald Trump. She had a very expensive wedding. It was estimated as a wedding of 1 million dollars. Her dress was very expensive, made out of 1500 pearls and crystal rhinestones. Her designer used 30 feet long piece of cloth to make the dress. It cost $100,000. They were married at Donald’s Mar-a-lago estate. The reception was held in 17,000 square foot ballroom. The cake at their reception was 5 feet tall and was weighed over 200 pound. There were around 3000 roses made of white cream on the cake. The cake was made ready in 2 days. Billy Joel sang at the wedding and there were so many celebrities spotted.

5. She uses her design degree.

Melania has earned a degree in design. Her degree is not thrown into dumps. She uses her design talent and degree well. She is the designer for Trump’s many properties, including the three storey penthouse, where the couple resides with their son. Melania thinks it is her best art. It is decorated with fine marble and 24 carat gold. The only space in the penthouse that she didn’t design is the space her son Barron occupies. She is also the consultant for designing Donald’s other hotels and resorts.

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6. She is a devoted mother.

Melania is a devoted mother. She had never hired a nanny for her son. She had never actually believed in the concept of nannies. Melania fulfilled all her duties as a mother. Melania always gave full time and support to Barron. She had left Donald’s campaign to stay with her child. Barron always had that love and bond what a mother and a child shares. Melania drives Barron school, pick him up and then she used to drive him to his extra curricular activities after his school.

7. Her son has his own floor. 

Melania always wanted her son to be comfortable. So she gave him a complete floor in the penthouse. She had also asked him to decorate his floor the way he want. Melania wanted him to run and play freely. She wanted him to feel and grow with best possible way. He has designed his floor and chose choppers and airplanes. He has all things colorful with white touch everywhere.

8. She is Donald’s third wife. 

Melania had her first marriage with Donald , but she is not his first wife. However, Donald married twice before marrying Melania. Donald’s first wife was Ivana Trump. The couple had three children together. Donald’s affair with Marla broke Ivana, and she divorced him. Soon after the divorce Donald married Marla and they had a daughter. The marriage didn’t last and soon it ended up. Then, he married Melania and they had a child and named him Barron.

9. It was her choice to stay off campaign trail.

It is known to everybody that Melania was not present at Donald’s campaign trail. She however, says that it was her choice. She also said that she is political in her personal life , but in public it is Donald’s thing. Also, she said she too wanted to spend time with her son Barron.

10. She work with charities.

She is a social worker too. Melania works for good cause. She works with so many charity foundations. The worked with breast cancer research foundation, red cross society and many more. She always try to make her life worthy.

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