10 Things That Make No Sense About Sam And Dean’s Relationship

Supernatural has come so far and this fantasy drama has grown a lot since it first aired back in the year 2005. The show started as a tale of two brothers (Sam and Dean) who hunt demons, monsters, but now it has become much more than that. The TV series has included all kinds of the ‘Supernatural’ stuff from evil angels, demons, god, the devil, and apocalypse.

Welcome to Humor Nation. While we fans have become fond of the new characters such as Crowley, Rowena, Bobby, Charlie, but the hunting brothers Dean and Sam Winchester have always been the main focus, the centerpiece of the show. With no disrespect, the other characters such as Castiel, Jack are pretty important to the plot of the show. But it’s the Winchesters’ brothers, their dynamic, their relationship around which the show has been focused. Without Sam and Dean, there is no Supernatural.

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These two brothers have gone through a lot in the course of the past thirteen seasons and it is certain that they will continue to fight more dangerous enemies in season fourteen. After being through a lot, the bond between the Winchesters is a very strong one. However, despite being so close, their relationship is not always perfect. There are times when we find these brothers in conflict, arguing each other, and sometimes even going against each other. The fandom surely loves this duo.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Things That Make No Sense About Sam And Dean’s Relationship

1. They were mistaken for a couple. Even the creators of the show never wanted or thought that they would be paired together romantically. Even the fans of the show ship an imagined relationship named “Wincest”.

10 Things That Make No Sense About Sam And Dean's Relationship

2. These two have lied to each other, hidden a lot of secrets from each other, even betrayed each other, but they still manage to trust each other.

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