10 Things That Michael Jackson Almost Did

Hello Reader! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Michael Jackson had planned out various things which never came to action due to some reasons, he had also planned to go on a world tour before his death. It is well known that Michael Jackson had planned the greatest concert but it never took place due to his issues. so I guess it’ll not be shocking for you to know the list of those things which Michael Jackson wanted to do, but also couldn’t do.

So here is a list of those 10 things that Michael Jackson almost did!

10. Almost bought the Elephant Man’s skull

10 Things That Michael Jackson Almost Did

There was a man named Joseph Carey Merrick who was known as the Elephant man due to some abnormal growth in his face. When he died in the year 1890, his skeleton was preserved and kept in London Hospital Medical College and when Michael Jackson saw it, he just went mad to buy it but unfortunately, he couldn’t get permission to do so.

9. Almost bought Marvel comics to play Spider-Man

Michael Jackson was a very big fan of Spider-Man, so he thought of buying the whole Marvel comics so that he could get the role of Spider-Man but he couldn’t buy its rights. He could have become Spider-Man’s producer, that could have suited him.

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8. Almost created a robot

Michael Jackson wanted his giant version robot to moon walk in one of his concert through the Nevada dessert. He wanted it to be a 15ft tall robot, but unfortunately, it couldn’t happen.

7. Almost starred as Jar Jar Binks

In Star Wars there was a character named Jar Jar Binks and Michael Jackson had almost starred as that character, but the director wanted CGI to be used on him and Michael Jackson wanted to use makeup and prosthetics. So they both couldn’t agree to each other and this role went out of his hands.

6. Wanted to play the lead in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Michael Jackson wanted to play the lead role in Charlie and the Chocolate factory and in order to get that role he made a soundtrack and offered it to Warner Bros in exchange of the lead role. But they asked him to take any price of the soundtrack rather than the lead role.

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