7 Things That Only A True Supernatural Fan Will Understand!

Supernatural! For some it’s just a television series, but if you ask the fandom, it’s a cult, a lifestyle, it’s our life. It is one of the greatest TV shows ever made, surely it’s debatable, depends on what’s your definition of greatness? What makes a show great? Is it its consistency to continuously amaze the viewers or the character development and the story arcs, or perhaps it should be entertaining, not disappoint and bore the audience with the same repeated stuff. Supernatural has everything that makes it so great. In the words of Goddess of poetry Calliope, Supernatural has life, death, afterlife, resurrection, drama, emotions, comedy, horror, and above all FAMILY! It has something for everyone.

Supernatural fan TV

The best thing about Supernatural is its extraordinary fan base. The reason behind the immense popularity of the show is the show’s one of a kind fandom. Of course every show has fans, but Supernatural has FANS! You see the difference. The show undoubtedly has the most passionate and dedicated fan base. Supernatural fans rule the internet, they hijack any posts with the references of the show, they write very creative fan fiction stories on the internet. If you’re not a part of the Supernatural Community then you surely are missing a lot.

So let’s take a look at 7 Things That Only A True Supernatural Fan Will Understand!

1. We Are Family!

What matters the most to you? Your loved ones. Family is what makes this life worth living, it’s the family that’s got your back when the world turns its back on you, it’s family that gives you the strength to keep pushing everyday through all your adversities. Family loves you for what you are, cares about you. Like a wise man once said, family does not end in blood, neither does it start there. The boys are the heart and soul of each other, they protect and look after each other.

2. Destiel

You know something is there, we all are aware of the unspoken relationship between Castiel and Dean. Right from the beginning when the Angel of the Lord gripped the Winchester and raised him from the perdition, the intensity was present. The fandom believes that “Destiel” is the one true pairing, however the shippers of “Wincest” and “Sastiel” don’t believe that. Even Castiel has admitted that he and Dean share a more profound bond.

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3. Carry On My Wayward Son

This is not just a song, it’s the anthem of Supernatural. The song is played in the beginning of the finale episode of the season along with the montage of the season moments. The fandom love this song, the song is also sung at the Supernatural conventions.

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