10 Things You Should Know About Floyd Mayweather And Conor McGregor!

Welcome back to Humor Nation, the crazy super-fight in the history of combat sports is going down. No one believed it would happen, no one believed it could be pulled off. Floyd Mayweather Jr. regarded before his retirement as the world’s best pound-for-pound boxer will fight UFC star and current UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor in a light middleweight boxing contest in Las Vegas on the 26th of August.

Here Are The Things That You Probably Didn’t Know About Conor McGregor And Floyd Mayweather Jr.

1. Mike Tyson Offered To Train Conor McGregor

Mike Tyson offered to Train McGregor. The reason behind this is because Mike Tyson does not like Floyd Mayweather, the two former friends had a falling out for various reasons. It all started when Mayweather stating that he is the greatest boxer of all time. Mike Tyson took this as an insult to the boxing great Muhammad Ali. Not only that Tyson has also stated long before the Floyd and Conor fight became realistic that he would love to train Conor for a boxing fight. Mike Tyson even visited Conor and checked on him during his training camps before and in 2015. They both were spotted sitting together cage sight at a UFC event.

2. Mayweather Only Fights In Las Vegas

Floyd Mayweather 22,000 square foot mansion is located in Las Vegas and he prefers not to fight outside of the country or have to travel far enough for his fights. Since Mayweather has become very big and established to the point where he can call his own shots. He has decided to fight only in Las Vegas, he wants all his fights to took place in his city. The last time Floyd fought outside of Las Vegas was back in 2005, it was against Sharmba Mitchell in Portland Oregon which Mayweather won. His last 13 fights have been in Vegas and the last 11 took place at the MGM Grand Hotel.

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3. McGregor Tore His ACL During Max Holloway Fight

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McGregor spectacular KO’s over Chad Mendes and Dennis Siver have solidified his place as the king of Featherweight division, but there’s still one opponent that McGregor did not finish. That’s Max Holloway, say what you will but McGregor tore his ACL during that fight but pushed through and won the decision to McGregor however securing the decision was not enough and he took this win as a loss due to his inability to finish.

4. Floyd Was Robbed Of A Gold Medal

At the age of 19, Mayweather represented United States and competed in the Olympic Games. It was the semi-final boxing bout in which Mayweather dominated the rounds and defeated Bulgarian boxer Serafim Todorov to reach the final of the competition. He would advance to the gold medal bout however the Judges declared the Bulgarian the winner. Floyd was robbed of his victory and wasn’t awarded any credit for the punches he landed in the bout. The US filed a complaint to the Olympics committee stating that the Judges were threatened and intimidated by the Bulgarian boxing coach and team.

5. Bodybuilder Sister

McGregor’s older sister was actually a pro bodybuilder. Meaning Mystic Mac isn’t the only competitive athlete in the family while not as famous or successful as a little brother. She did appear at Fitness extravaganza 20130and has made other appearances as well she even picked up a few wins.

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6. Floyd  Mayweather Vs Big Show At Wrestlemania

In 2007, Current US President Donald Trump headlined the Wrestlemania in the match of the billionaires. A year later boxer Floyd Mayweather was asked if he would be interested in a match at Wrestlemania. The legendary boxer Floyd was paid 20-million to work a feud with the 7-foot tall, weighing 400 pounds Big Show. And of course Floyd won the fight against Big show.

7. John Cavanagh Saved Conor’s Life

Did you know that Conor McGregor’s fighting career almost came to an end? Yes, in 2008, Conor became distracted from training, he kinda lost the passion so he disappeared from the gym, and stopped training. He would spend all this time and money in partying and throwing it away. So Conor’s mom asked his coach John Kavanagh to drop by, speak to Conor and convince him to keep training. So Kavanagh talked some sense into the young talented fighter, convinced him to come back to gym. If he would, he would not ask for the gym fees, just come back and train. His coach John Kavanagh was aware of Conor’s potential much before Conor himself knew about it.

8. Floyd Was A Human Shield

It was the moment when Floyd Mayweather Jr. saved his father’s life. Though he was too young to have any say in that. Speaking in a special BBC radio live program on the Americans upbringing, Floyd Mayweather Senior explains how he used his baby son as a human shield when threatened at gunpoint. I used my man because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be here today says the 62-year old. I was still shot in the leg what would you do with a gun on you.

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9. Connor The Plumber

Conor McGregor, he is undoubtedly the biggest superstar in the history of UFC. But did you know that before becoming a UFC champion, before main eventing at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, McGregor was a plumber. You read that right, yes Conor McGregor served an apprenticeship as a plumber for quite some time.

10. Floyd’s Gambling Habits

There is nothing wrong with having a wager, placing a bet, a little gambling when you are in Las Vegas. Floyd Mayweather has a gambling habit, he’s a human after all. But what makes people hate about him is his thug life persona and showing off on his social media accounts. Whenever he wins a bet, he posts a picture of money on his social media. It’s his hobby and a hobby is a hobby, but how come you expect people to like you when you’re showing off the money that they can’t earn in their lifetime. Surely it would hurt a bit for many.

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