10 Times ’13 REASONS WHY’ Broke Our Hearts And Made Us Feel Too Much

8. Hannah’s rape

reasons why

After Jessica’s abuse, Bryce actually did not stop himself from doing any such thing again and Hannah became his next target. At Bryce’s party she was in a vulnerable state and while she was in the hot tub, Bryce forces himself on her and abuses her in the hot tub and that scene was so brutal and seeing Hannah break down completely was just sad and heart breaking.

9. Alex shooting himself

reasons why

The shows ending was just shocking as we see Alex breaking down and shooting himself in the head as he was really sad about the tapes . His character grew a lot on the show and when we knew he was alive we felt relief in our hearts though his shooting moment made us sad.

10. Hannah’s suicide scene

reasons why

Hannah’s suicide scene was hard to watch and we all had tears while she slit her arms open and that particular scene was brutal and hear breaking and we couldn’t do anything but sit and cry.

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