10 Bizarre People Around The World That Actually Exist!

Even in your wildest dreams you wouldn’t be able to imagine that these incredible people actually exist. Some of these people are so incredibly bizarre that we had some serious trouble wrapping our heads around these stories. Whether it’s due to some physical deformity, genetic traits, just seeing these people would make you question their existence. You will ask yourself what are they? These unbelievable peoples’ existence is definitely going to shock and surprise you.

So let’s take a look at 10 Unbelievable People You Won’t Believe That Actually Exist! 

1. The Vampire Lady

When Maria Hose Cristern was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up they probably weren’t expecting her to say that she wanted to be a vampire lady. The former lawyer who grew up in a very religious family in Mexico is also mother of four children. She has covered her body in tattoos and has even undergone a dental surgery in order to chisel as well as sharpen her teeth who look like fangs. Maria who began her transformation following her divorce even went as far as getting titanium horns inserted into her head. Now that’s what we call dedication.

2. Largest Assets In The World

Back in 1999 the Guinness Book of World Records declared Norma Stitz, a website entrepreneur, the possessor of the world’s largest natural assets. Stitz who is also known as Annie Hawkins Turner appeared “On This Morning”, a UK television show in June 2011. On the show Stitz claimed that her front body weighted 56 pounds.

3. The Magnet Man

Most of us would love to have some sort of magical power, but not every gift is one to be desired according to 56 years old Muhibija Buljubasic from Srebenik, Bosina. He has the gift of sticking random object to his body these include not only metal object, but also plastic gadgets as well. He discovered his bizarre talent five years ago and claims he did not train his body in any way.

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4. The World’s Tallest Bride

The tallest teenager in Brazil. Elisany da Cruz Silva is a staggering 6 feet 8 inches tall. Cruz Silva has been dating 5 feet 3 inches tall Francin Aldo da Silva Carvalho for more than three years and got engaged to him back in May 2014. Even though she was only 18 at the time of the engagement crew Silva who suffers from gigantism from a tumor on her pituitary gland fierce you have problems conceiving. We wish these two lovebirds all the best.

5.  Tree Man

Dede Koswar is an Indonesian man who for most of his life has endured the extremely rare fungal infection epidermal Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia. This causes large fungal growth to pursuit from the skin which looks remarkably like tree bark. The fungus grows all over his body, but it’s mainly found of the hands and feet. In 2008 Dede did receive treatment in the USA to remove six kilograms of warts from his body. After this was done skin grafts were applied to the hands and face, unfortunately this surgery did not stop the fungus from growing and he had further operations in 2011. Unfortunately there is no cure for his conditions. He died at the age of 42 in 2016.

 6. The Tallest Man On The Planet

Sultan Kösen, the tallest man alive from Turkey measuring 8 feet 3 inches in becoming world’s tallest living man. He is the first man over 8 feet to be measured by Guinness World Record in over years. Sultan’s massive growth is caused by a condition known as pituitary gigantism which results to overproduction of the growth hormone.

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7. The Hairy Man

Usually one resident of china holds the title of the hairiest man in the world in Guinness Book of World Records. This holder has ninety six percent of his body covered in hair. He makes a living, singing in pubs and bars which is how he met his girlfriend.

8. The Dwarf

Chandra Bahadur Dangi a 72 years old Nepalese man from Salyan district measures 54.6 centimeters or 21.5 inches and he’s the shortest man alive, taking his place in Guinness World Records. Despite his age, he claims to have never taken any kind of medication or to have ever been examined by a doctor. The cause of his height problem has yet been unknown but it is suspected that he suffers from primordial dwarf. He died in 2015.

9. The Man With The Most Piercings

Rolf Buchholz, he is a German manager. Rolf has over 453 piercing on his body. Even this wasn’t the limit for him, he went a step further, he got horns implanted on his head. This weird man entered Guinness Book of World Records two years ago. Once he was not allowed in Dubai because the immigration thought him as black magic.

10. African Hulk

unbelievable people

Oh yes! Internet, that amazing thing that never cease to amaze us. Sometimes it those images that we are dying to prove wrong or right. A photo like that is the one of the so called African Hulk showing a huge muscular black man standing next to a white body builder that I’m willing to bet is not one of the guys that you can pick on in the gym. The photo has started countless web debates about steroids or Photoshop usage, is this true or not? We leave it to you.


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