10 Unclaimed Lands In The World That You Can Actually Rule

Hello readers! welcome back to Humor Nation. Who doesn’t want to rule over his own empire? we all know the feeling of our own house but just imagine about your own country, where you do not only get your own house but you will also get a big piece of unclaimed land where you can make your own rules!!! And you are the only king.

So here is the list of 10 unclaimed lands where you can actually rule!

1. The Lagoan Isles

10 Unclaimed Lands In The World That You Can Actually Rule

It is a micronation in Britain. It is located within the pond with the three tiny islands. In 2005 grand duke Louis claimed it as his territory but after few years it is announced as unclaimed.

2. Rockall

The United Kingdom claimed Rockall as a part of Scotland in 1972. but Ireland never recognizes this claim. insisting Rockall as Irish. It is actually a remnant of an extinct volcano.

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3. Upper Fort/Nights Residencee in Birgu

It is itself an enigma.it is on a lease. The price might be hefty but who cares when you will get your own empire.

4. Eel Pie Island

It is situated near the river Thames. In 1969 it is occupied by a small group of anarchist. But now it is unclaimed. these days island has some residence but if you have money and passion then you can actually start your own republic.

5. Bir Tawil

It is situated between the border of Sudan and Egypt. This is a disputed area between these two countries. But it is still not claimed by any recognized country. So essentially Bir Tawil is yours if you have a visa of Egypt or Sudan to get there through.

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