10 Uncommon Things That Required Doctor’s Prescription

5. Female Condoms

This was to avoid transmission disease. Firstly a ban was put on them, and later they also increased its selling price. Also, no prescription means no purchase.

4. Vibrator

Earlier it was used to treat patients suffering from Hysteria. No individual had permission to purchase them. Only doctors were allowed to use them for their patients.

3. E-Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes helped people quit smoking. But it also encouraged the nonsmokers to try a cigarette. Sooner, it was only given to a person who had a medical prescription.

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2. Heroin

Heroin is a really harmful drug. But it is also a cure for many diseases. If a doctor allows, only then you can buy this drug.

1. Chocolate

Chocolate has some good medicinal qualities. Earlier the chocolates were infused with extra cursing drugs. Doctors only gave them to rare people who had some or the other health issue.

doctor's prescription

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