10 Unique Villages That Exist In India! Know What’s So Unique About Them

India is a great nation where diversities reside in unity. India gave land to Metro cities, towns,and even villages. India has so many villages, knowing all of them is difficult. What comes in your mind when you hear of the word village? Under developed, poorly structured, poorly managed, non hygiene, orthodox people, stereotype people, but hey hey hey! we have listed 10 villages here which are completely different. They match their pace with the cities. These incredible villages will change you mindset about villages in India. Let us find out the uniqueness of these 10 villages.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Unique Villages That Exist In India! You Won’t Believe How Unique They Are!

1. Pothanikkad: The Literate Village

10 Unique Villages That Exist In India! Know What's So Unique About Them

Pothanikkad is situated in Ernakulam district in the state of Kerala. When we talk about village first thing that occur in our mind is illiteracy, but this village has broken down all the stereotypes. This village has population of 17,563. This village is famous because of 100% literacy rate.

2. Shetphal: The Snake Friendly Village

Solapur district of Maharashtra has a village named Shetphal where every house has a place for snakes. The words of Ramayana about Naag Lok had happened to be true here. This village has homes not only made for humans, but for Snakes too. Children play with their oys less, and they play with snakes more.

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3. Kodinhi: The Twin Village

This village is situated in the Malappuram district of Kerala. This village has been a great tourist attraction because of large number of multiple births. Here 50 out of 1000 mothers give birth to twins. Awkward, but hell yeah! Very very Interesting.

4. Chappar: A Women Village

Chappar is located in Haryana. Here people celebrate when a girl child is born unlike everywhere else. This village also do not have Ghunghat system. Sweets are distributed, celebrations are done, when a girl child is born.

5. Dhokda: The “Shwet-Kranti” village

This village is called “the land of white revolution”. Here dairy products are not sold. Any extra milk products are converted into cud and then buttermilk and are distributed freely to its residents and also to nearby villages. This village is in state of Gujarat.


6. Dharnai: The Solar Village

Dharnai is a village in Bihar which is fully solar powered. In early days village do not have electricity. Out of aggression people took this problem in their hands and set up a solar powered micro grid which provides electricity to 250 households and 50 commercials. This  solar grid provides electricity for 24*7.

7. Punsari: The Modern Village

Punsari is a village located in Sabarkantha district in the state of Gujarat, India. This village is urbanized. Here you can get every facility that a city might have. Be it accidental systems, WI-FI connections, TV, CCTV security and their advance systems.

8. Kokrebellur: The Village That Love Birds

Kokrebellur is a village located in the Maddur Taluk of Mandya district of the state Karnataka, India. There’s the painted stork which is called ‘Kokkare’ in the Kannada language, based on which this village is named. It is understood and very clear that how much this village is concerned about birds. Even the name of the village is derived from a bird. According to the people here, birds are sign of prosperity and good luck. Here you would find a separate area for birds. This is a tourist attraction too.

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9. Hiware Bazar: The Millionaire Village

Hiware Bazar is a village in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. It is noted for its irrigation system and water conservation program, with which it has fought the drought and drinking water problems. You would find around 60 millionaires. They struggled a lot, with drought issues, crop failures etc, but they didn’t give up. They learned the techniques to fight such calamities and are prospering more and more day by day.

10. Shani Shingnapur: The Village With No Doors

This is a 156 years old village located in the state of Maharashtra. There are no doors in this village, be it hospitals, police stations, houses, resorts etc. Best part is till now there is no theft or rape cases recorded.

Kudos! to all these amazing villages. We hope that they prosper more and more day by day  and their uniqueness grow more. Hey ya lovely people! Hope you liked this article. Stay tuned to Humor Nation for more! Like. Share. Comment!

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