10 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Klaus Mikaelson

7. He made an exception for Marcel whom he fed blood through his wrist. Otherwise for the males, he uses containers.

10 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Klaus Mikaelson

6. A monster who is capable of creating more monsters is a very dangerous enemy. While Klaus is a heartless, ruthless monster who can rip out the throats and hearts of anyone without feeling any remorse. But the ability to influence others to become a monster like him is scary.

10 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Klaus Mikaelson

5. Fans felt sympathy for Klaus Mikaelson after knowing his backstory and learning how his dad Mikael treated him. If it weren’t for his sympathetic backstory, he would have been a ruthless villain. He ultimately ended up with his own show titled ‘The Originals’.

4. He even fought in the war which led to the downfall of the Romans.

3. In series, it was Damon who turned Vicki Donovan.

2. Klaus, a murderous and raging heartless vampire-werewolf hybrid, has an extraordinary charm that attracted the picky and stubborn Caroline. This proved that he can form qualities allies. He is a man of many talents.

1. Do you think they should have included that in the TV Series?

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