10 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Chennai

5. When it comes to being metropolitan cities, every other city joins the competition at its level. Chennai keeps the fourth position in India and 31st in the world.

6. It still managed to keep its oldest book stall alive. It is HIGGINBOTHAM, which was constructed in 1844. 

7. The Lonely Planet group previously discovered the beauty of Chennai. Therefore it is the first city to mark its place in the top 10 best city list by the group.

8. It hosts the oldest Prison in the world. The name being Chennai Central Prison.

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9. Chennai is also known to have the largest judicial complex. Its the Madras high court building standing below London.

10 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Chennai

10. Southern India is specifically market for its gold business. Chennai alone has a claw on the 40% of retail gold sales in India. Also it is in the top 10 list of food cities selected by national geographic.

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