10 Ways To Find Out If A Person Is Lying!

Lying person
People nowadays are very good at lying and sometimes it's very easy to determine if a person is lying or not.

Hello and welcome back to the Humor Nation guys. People nowadays are very good at lying and sometimes it’s very easy to determine if a person is lying or not. But, some people out there really smart and it’s hard to know if they’re telling the truth or not. We’re about to tell you something that will definitely make it a lot easier to do just that.

Let’s Take A Look At 10 Ways To Find Out If A Person Is Lying

1. Staring

Most people think that breaking eye contact for even a second is a sign of lying, so they will stare way too much. This unnatural state is actually a good way to tell if someone is lying. It is also a two-way game when a person lies, they constantly trying to read the other person they’re lying to for feedback. This requires them to stare in a very unnatural way. So, better beware of the stare to detect a liar.

2. Collar Pulling

This one might seem like a thing you’d see in a cartoon but there is truth to it. If a person lies, he gets stressed which raises blood pressure and body temperature. Suddenly, that person can feel so hot that they need to just cool down and get some air onto their skin. This is where the collar pull comes in. If the person doesn’t have a tight collar, they may also end up fiddling with their sleeves or removing their hat. This includes everything to try to take care of the heat from the body.

3. Throat Clearing

The anxiety of lying makes the body divert water to the sweat glands for sweat. Water even gets drawn away from the throat and mouth leaving it very dry. This means that the people who are lying will often have a cracked voice if they don’t keep trying to clear their throat to keep the lie going.

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4. Grooming Yourself

If you think someone is lying, just ask them a question. If they suddenly start grooming themselves, they could be lying. This grooming could include smoothing out a shirt that looks totally fine, tucking their hair behind their ears or just kind of straightening out their jacket. In some ways, this is the physical representation of what’s going on in their mind. They want to get their story perfect so they try to make their appearance perfect as well.

5. Non-verbal Disconnects

This is basically where a person is saying one thing with their words and saying something very different with their action. Quite often, a person who’s lying will be saying ‘Yes’ for something but shaking their head ‘No’ or saying ‘No’ while shaking their head ‘Yes’. It is quite hard to read this normally but if a person is lying, this conflict of action shows that what their conscious mind is saying is in disagreement with their subconscious and they probably don’t even realise it all.

6. Itching

When people lie, they get anxious, their blood pressure rises and their face gets drained of blood. This can cause an itching sensation and people’s ears and noses are very sensitive to this. So, if a person is scratching himself for seemingly no reason, they may be experiencing the anxiety that comes with not telling the truth.

7. Eye Pointing

Eyes can tell a lot of our person. If someone is lying about an object in the room, their eyes might naturally look towards what they’re trying to hide. Another interesting example is that sometimes people who lie will want to leave the room because they feel uncomfortable. This will make their eye pointing towards the nearest exit. They just want to be out of the conversation and away from you before you discover the truth.

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8. Quick Breathing

We’ve talked a lot about how lying raises your heart rate. This also results in faster breathing and it’s a reflex action so it’s very hard to resist. The person who is lying may not even be aware that he’s breathing faster than normal. As they are talking, just keep an eye on them and it could be a huge giveaway.

9. Hiding The Eyes Or The Mouth

We talked about a few ways in which a face can give away if someone is lying. So, it’s no surprise that people will try to cover their facial features if they are lying. The person’s hand goes to his mouth as they try to answer a question that could mean something. Another big one is shielding of the eyes. This could also be just closing the eyes but the reason is still the same that person doesn’t want to see your reaction to them lying.

10. Repetition

If a person is lying, they will often repeat the same phrases over and over again. This is because they are not only trying to convince you that the lie is true, they are trying to convince themselves. If they can convince themselves that their lie is a truth, they’ll have an easier time convincing you. Another reason people repeat phrases is that it’s a classic technique that gives them time to think about what to say next to keep up that lie. But, you guys aren’t going to give them the chance to do that because now you should all be experts on how to tell if someone is lying.

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