10 Most Ridiculous And Weird Things That North Koreans Believe

Hello people. Welcome back to Humor Nation! We have so many articles devoted to North Korea. North Koreans have so many grudges against Americans after the Korean war. There is a museum in North Korea which shows Americans in a negative mask. Americans on the other hand, have forgot about it completely and trying to help it. On the other hand, North Korea is still in war with America.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Weird Things North Koreans Still Believe About America And The World!

1. Internet

North Korea have a very low speed internet. High speed internet is only reserved to high officials and elite people. The strangest thing is Koreans believe is this problem of their internet is due to Americans. We don’t know why did they think that, may be they have a tendency to believe what so ever problem they have on account of America.

2. Fashion

North Korean people believe anything. This is too weird, that the whole North Koreans believe that not only United States but the whole world is mesmerized and inspired by his impeccable sense of fashion. They think that whole world is copying Kim Jong for designing of new fashion apparels.

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3. The Forgotten War

America have forgotten the Korean war, but leaders of North Korea make their people remember it everyday. They believe that Americans started the war. It is a part of their lives. They thinks that Americans have this attitude for everyday, as they do.

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