10 Women Who Chose To Become G-A-N-G-S-T-E-R-S

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Women today have successfully managed to get off from the delicate pink stereotype. Gone are the days of Red lips and wine sips, the time now is about a black coat and death roars.

Who says women can’t be bad? If she can be a mother she can also be a gangster. The delicate body may have a fearless heart to own the underworld.

Unveiling a list of 10 women, who are the most dangerous gangsters alive. Scroll down and I bet your eyes won’t believe it!

10. Griselda Blanco

To start off the list we have the mother of cocaine. She is also famous as the black widow. She holds a criminal record of drug smuggling and 200 murders in her lifespan.

10 Women Who Chose To Become Gangsters

9. Melissa Calderon

She started off at a young age working as an assassin. I believe she is the most ruthless person in the list. She had 180 kidnappings and murders. She used to throw the dead bodies on the relative’s doorsteps.

8. Maria Licciardi

Licciardi was a born criminal. All her family runs a cartel in Italy. She got her family into prostitution. Also, rose their cocaine and heroin trade.

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7. Samantha Lewthwaite

She is the most wanted terrorist. Her name has a record of 400 murders. For now. Samantha stays at Syria and trains women to suicide missions.

6. Claudia Ochoa Felix

This one is the richest name. She owns the most feared cartel. Though, in her interview, she denies the fact but sources reveal something else. She also posts provoking pictures.

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