10 Women Who Chose To Become G-A-N-G-S-T-E-R-S

5. Angie Sanclemente Valencia

Angie was a good known model. Her boyfriend was into drug trafficking and she carried on with the business. She used to drug her co-workers and took huge amounts after addictions.

4. Sandra Avila Beltran

Sandra is the Queen of the Pacific. She gained a bad name from the Mexican cartel. Now, even in jail, she enjoys absolute luxury.

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3. Maria Jimenez

Maria is the drug dealer from Mexico. She murdered a police officer and also her rival drug dealers.

2. Raff Aella D’ Alterio

Raff was a housemaker. But, her husband was killed. No sooner, she took over his work of drug trafficking and made billions out of it.

1. Anna Chapman

Anna now works as a Russian model. Earlier she was a spy. She used to take all the pieces of information and used them well for public harm.

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