10 Worst Dancers In Bollywood History!

Bollywood worst dancers
As actors have to be equipped with shaking legs on the dance floor, some of the actors are very bad at their dancing skills.

One thing that cannot be discounted is that music and dance is a humongous aspect in the Bollywood industry. As actors have to be equipped with shaking legs on the dance floor, some of the actors are very bad at their dancing skills. Today, we’ll go through the list of such actors.

Let’s Take A Look At 10 Worst Dancers In Bollywood History

1. Salman Khan

The actor who is known to give smash hits and break records every year is Salman Khan. The actor is known for his entertaining masala films and over the top style in movies. Everyone knows that Salman Khan has always struggled to be an impressive performer when it comes to dancing in Bollywood movies. Even though the actor pulls off basic moves, the inability and lack of rhythm is evident and that’s why the well-known actor makes it on our list.

2. Sunil Shetty

An actor has been known for many things, few of which include his strong performances in dramas and impressive comic timing. But, an aspect in his career that has been evidently lacking is his dancing skills. The actor literally seems to be incapable of doing anything remotely challenging and is usually seen wearing shades and doing some basic steps in hard-hitting numbers. In songs especially in the 90’s, we see Sunil Shetty struggling to even manage to keep up with the music.

3. Kalki Koechlin

One of the most underrated actors in the country right now has also done her fair share of commercial cinema. Where the actress sticks to prove herself with her acting jobs, these commercial films force her to shake a leg. Usually, in the backdrop but clearly visible, Kalki seems to struggle while dancing to Bollywood songs and evident lack of a rhythm and disconnect. Kalki looks extremely awkward while shaking a leg in Bollywood movies.

4. Sanjay Dutt

We all remember and pray Sanjay Dutt for so many things. Be it Munna Bhai MBBS or Khalnayak, the actor has proven himself as an actor in dozens of films. One thing he is definitely not known for is his dancing skills. The actor completely looks out-of-place in a majority of his dance sequences. The actor has never matched his fellow co-actors in dancing skills and has always struggled to stay on beat and his hit numbers.

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5. John Abraham

An extremely underrated actor Johnny Abraham has always been doubted for his acting skills. But John Abraham has done his fair share of intense cinema to prove his worth and find a place and respect in the industry. The actor who is built like a professional bodybuilder always struggles to even remotely move a limp on the dance floor. When you’re the size of the rock, it’s tough to do the kind of steps Bollywood songs requires. Dancing is definitely not John’s cup of tea.

6. Himesh Reshammiya

How and why Himesh Reshammiya transitioned into acting is way beyond anyone’s understanding. His nasal voice singing became quite the sensation in the mid-2000’s. But, his horrible and cringe-worthy acting overshadowed everything. Else to make the matter worse, when the so-called actor used to go into song and dance, it was not a pleasant sight to watch.

7. Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor has been a legend when it comes to Bollywood cinema. The actor has performed and impressed in many movies over four decades and is still going strong. The actor has always been appreciated and awarded for his performances, but on the flip side has been always ridiculed for his dancing skills. Good amount of energy really doesn’t compensate for the lack of skill or rhythm while dancing. The actor has a tendency to always look like a drunk uncle at every event on the dance floor.

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8. Sunny Deol

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Sunny Deol is an extremely capable actor. The man has impressed audiences with his conviction and strong dialogue delivery on-screen, but he doesn’t really have rhythm in it. The actor always seemed to struggle while indulging in song and dance. His massive structure has only led to embarrassing dance numbers in the majority of his films.

9. Ajay Devgan

Another extremely capable actor but completely off-beat and struggling on the dance floor in his long acting career has been Ajay Devgan. The actor over the years has become famous for doing basic minimum steps in order to look as if he’s at least having fun. But in his initial years of shaking a leg, the actor used to struggle to keep up with the background dancers in music. Especially, when choreographers gave him complicated steps, Ajay’s lack of rhythm used to shine and it made it clear to audiences that dancing is definitely not his cup of tea.

10. Dharmendra

Undoubtedly, the living legend Dharmendra tops the list. The actor has given us such gems in terms of acting performances over many decades but one thing he has not gotten used to is shaking a leg on the beat. The actor always seemed to struggle when it comes to dancing on the music. The case became so bad that the choreographers literally used to make him jump around and climb things during songs rather than give him constructive steps. The actor in live performances literally has his limbs flying all over the place without any coordination.

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